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IT Helpdesk

IT related problems and requests can be submitted for review using the ACG online Help Desk.  The ACG SysAid Help Desk software provides an automated way of handling user service requests in a faster and more efficient manner. By automating requests, the ACG Help Desk assists the ACG Community to handle issues as quickly and efficiently as possible by providing the tools needed for better IT problem solving.

Through an easy-to-use and friendly web interface, every IT problem is correctly logged, assigned and actioned within a dedicated tracking system, instead of being misplaced in paper-work, or verbally “handed” around the office. Additionally, ACG community members benefit from a communication loop via the automated email correspondence the ACG Help Desk system provides. Personal troubleshooting history is recorded for future reference so that trends and trouble areas can be quickly identified and addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the ACG Help Desk Software?

You can access the ACG Help Desk software using one of the following methods:

  • Make sure that you logon to your computer using you ACG network username and password. Double-click the SysAid icon. It will log you in automatically. (If the icon is not available on your desktop either contact our Help Desk by phone or use the next method.)


You ACG Help Desk username and password are the same as your ACG network/PC credentials

I have a problem. How can I send a support request using ACG Help Desk software?

The process is very easy:

  1. Logon to the system using one of the methods described above.
  2. Click “Submit a Service Request“.
  3. Select an option from the “Quick List” or choose an appropriate “Category” (additional subcategories will be displayed based on your initial selection).
  4. Enter the necessary information at the “Title” and “Description” fields.
  5. Choose “Urgency” and “Location“.
  6. Add any attachments that are necessary to better describe or support your request.
  7. Click submit.

What other information can I get from the software?

The system is a fully featured helpdesk and IT support system. From the main screen you can additionally:

  • View your service history: Keep track of the service requests you’ve previously submitted and monitor the status of your reported technical problems.
  • See a calendar: See a schedule of when you submitted service requests, and the dates by when they must be resolved.
  • FAQs: Find helpful information that can assist you to resolve a technical problem quickly on your own.

Additional features when installed will be communicated to you in due time.

What kind of problems/requests can I report using the ACG Help Desk Software?

Problems/requests for any hardware that is purchased and owned by the College (eg. Computer Lab hardware) may be reported by using ACG Helpdesk Software. This also includes software or services that are offered by the school and are accessible within college premises or through the web (eg. e-mail, Blackboard, Jenzabar, etc). Service or support requests for privately owned equipment cannot be provided.

Can I access the system from my home computer?

Yes you can by visiting Problems/requests may be reported any time but will be handled during normal college operating hours. We will make every possible effort to respond to your request as soon as possible.