Applied and Computational Mathematics

Applied and Computational Mathematics

Step into the realm of modern applied mathematics and become a master of mathematical reasoning and computational problem-solving!

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Complement your studies and enrich your CV with a Minor in Applied and Computational Mathematics. Expand your knowledge, enhance your math skills and become a computational thinker. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in data science, engineering, medicine, finance, or research, this minor will provide you with a strong mathematical foundation that can open doors to countless opportunities.

What You Will Study

The Minor in Applied and Computational Mathematics is designed to equip students with the mathematical skills and computational techniques that are essential in solving complex problems in today’s data-driven world.

You’ll explore a wide range of topics including calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, differential equations, probability, and statistics. Furthermore, you will learn how to apply these mathematical concepts in real-world scenarios using advanced computational techniques.

This Minor not only blends the abstract beauty of mathematics with the practical power of computing, but also can be combined with various fields of study, such as information technology, biomedical science, economics, finance, and other math-related disciplines. Additionally, it provides preparation for students pursuing graduate studies or careers in computer science, medical science, computational economics, financial modeling, engineering, and more.

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