International Business

BSc (Hons) in Business Administration (International Business pathway)
Validated by The Open University, UK

Introduction to the Major in International Business

The IB program was launched in 2004 and is the first program of its kind in Greece; it introduced modules related to the study of business in the European Union combined with a strategic approach to studying multinational corporations. IB students develop critical insights into the world of international and European business and the strategies available to firms conducting business internationally. The program equips students with appropriate skills and knowledge to succeed in a competitive and challenging global environment. Graduates of the program are much sought after by multinational, regional, and high-profile Greek companies. The IB program attracts students from different countries, who enrich the cultural and academic distinctiveness of the department through their diverse ethnic and social backgrounds and experiences.

What You Will Study

Students in the IB major complete 44 credits of General Education courses, 48 credits from the Business Core, which includes courses in general business management, 30 credits from the IB concentration and 6 credits of general electives. The IB concentration includes courses in the program’s two areas of study: International Business. Examples are International Business, Business in the European Union, Contemporary Issues in International Business, EU Economic and Funding Policies, International Management and International Business Law. Students may select additional courses as electives including Foreign EU Policies and IB Practices, Direct Investment and Multinational Enterprises and International Human Resource Management.

Career/Graduate Opportunities

Students holding a BSc (Hons) degree in Business Administration (International Business) are equipped with the managerial skills of conducting business across national borders. As a result, they have a wide range of career options, since an increasing number of companies have expanded their operations in global (and particularly European) markets. Graduates of the International Business program can pursue careers in multinational or local business corporations (in strategy, management, marketing, purchasing or production job placements), government bodies, NGOs, international organizations and regional institutions. Employers often include management consulting firms, banks, import/export corporations, multinational manufacturers, international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), electronics companies and transportation businesses, including shipping companies and airlines.