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“Take every opportunity to join the outdoor recreation group on hikes. While demanding it is worth it to enjoy the tranquility and beauty. When we first began our hike, we spotted a mountain goat, watching us like a statue which we took to be a good omen. Natural spring water flowing from the mountains, wild faskomilo (sage), thyme and oregano along the path were part of our journey. We crossed train bridges like explorers, took pit stops to replenish our energy and enjoy the scenery, hundreds of photographs and at the end, a great meal awaiting us at a local taverna. There was something for anyone looking to venture out of the city and thanks to our very well trained SERF and outdoor recreation guides we made it out safely. Don’t miss out! Go on a hike!”

– Costas Siampos, International Student, Fall 2011

Deree provides students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to engage in outdoor recreation, as a healthy and environmentally sound leisure activity that generates a sense of well-being. The Recreational Sports Program provides various outdoor adventure-based experiential activities such as hiking, climbing, scuba-diving, biking, and skiing through organized trips while also providing the requisite equipment. Such activities initiate recreational, educational, and leadership learning opportunities and are a great way for students to learn a new skill, socialize, and explore their natural surroundings. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the SERF program designed to instruct them in what procedures to follow in an emergency fire situation.


Outdoor Recreation Schedule – Spring 2024

Ski Trip – Kalavryta | Friday, February 2

Hiking Trip – Mt. Hymettus  | Saturday, February 24

Hiking Trip – Mt. Parnassos (Kleisoura Gorge) | Saturday, March 9

Hiking & Rock-Climbing Trip – Mt. Parnassos (Defner Refuge) | Saturday-Sunday, April 6-7

Camping & Hiking Trip– Pertouli | Friday-Saturday, April 26-27

Scuba Diving & Beach Cleaning Trip – Lagonisi | Sunday, May 26


The program may be modified at any time.

Please contact the Office of Athletics for updates.

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Course Information

HikingHiking is an escape to nature and a great way to get an efficient as well as effective workout while forgetting the stresses of city life because at the cornerstone of the hiking experience is knowing that the journey is more important than the destination. Participants take part in exclusive trips, exploring various trails while enjoying the picturesque surroundings of various regions of Greece.

At a more advanced level, they may start learning survival skills, camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, navigation skills, and other outdoor techniques. The ultimate goal is to prepare well-rounded and experienced hikers with the physical fitness, knowledge, and mindset needed to deal with all outdoor hiking eventualities.

Climbing: Participants will get the chance to learn appropriate climbing techniques by using the specialized climbing wall located at the Deree Gym. Participants gain a vigorous full-body workout while becoming involved in an interactive college community. Participants enhance their dynamic muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination as well as their mental and physical focus.

Skiing: This activity will offer students the chance to visit picturesque ski resorts and ski under the supervision and instruction of qualified instructors that will tailor their instruction to meet the needs of participants.

SERF: The members of the Student Emergency Response Force (SERF) gain special training in emergency procedures, climbing and rappell, first-aid and CPR, self-defence, orienteering, wilderness survival, use of SCUBA equipment and use of two-way radios. The team’s mission is to help the professional staff respond to emergency situations both on campus and within the local community.   

CyclingThis activity will help students improve both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Students pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises. Both indoor spin bikes and outdoor mountain bikes are available. All skill levels are welcome.

For more information contact Chris Koutras, tel: 210 600 9800 | ext. 1365 or [email protected]