When to apply

Νo matter when you go abroad, your planning starts today

You are encouraged to visit the Outbound Study Abroad Office as soon as you start your studies at Deree-ACG. We will assist you in designing your next steps, bring you in contact with students who have been abroad before; and when possible get you acquainted with students from the University of your choice who are currently studying at Deree. We will also invite you to numerous events and information sessions. Moreover, you will be invited to meet representatives and find all you need to know from our partner institutions at the annual Partners Retreat Fair. By the time you will apply to the University of your choice normally you should have:
  • Completed or you are about to complete at least 30 credits at Deree-ACG
  • At least 30 US credits to attend at Deree after you complete your Study Abroad program
  • Achieved a C.I. not less than 2.5 or 3.0 for certain study destinations
  • Received minimum 3.0/4.0 in the WP1010, WP1111, WP1212 courses
  • Been in good academic standing
  • An exemplary disciplinary record
  • Decided your major
  • For Major students: ½ Level 5 courses and no Level 6 courses can be transferred.
  • For Minor students: ½ of credit requirements can be transferred, upon completion of 2 courses at Deree.