Christos Latos


Alumnus Profiled: Christos Latos
Graduated: PIERCE ’91-'92
Lives in: Athens, Greece
Current Position: General Manager, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens

"Just do it!"

CHRISTOS LATOS currently heads OgilvyOne Athens (, the largest and most awarded digital agency in the country. Previously he was a co-founder of, an Internet startup focusing on online auctions in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Before moving back to Greece he worked in New York for Planet Leap, an advertising agency specializing in globalization of marketing communications, handling accounts such as Apple, Motorola, Adobe, etc.

He graduated from Panteion University of Athens with a BA in International Relations and from Emerson College in Boston with an MA in Integrated Marketing Communications. He has been on the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Communications Agencies (EDEE), the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Hellas) and the Effie Hellas Organizing Committee.


Q.: What are three enduring lessons you learned during your studies at PIERCE?

  • Friendship is our lifeblood
  • Being an average student does not mean that you won’t be successful in life
  • Nice guys finish first!

Q.: Describe PIERCE in three words.

Playfulness, freedom, youth.

Q.: What is one of your favorite PIERCE memories?

Our senior year class trip to Corfu!  What happened in Corfu stayed in Corfu.

Q.: What do you miss most from your days at PIERCE?

Being with my best friends everyday.

Q.: Where was your favorite spot on campus?

The restaurant and the gym.

Q.: Who was your favorite professor and why?

Mrs. Daliani! Because I love gym.

Q.: Have you kept in touch with any of your classmates?

With just a few but good friends.

Q.: Did having studied at PIERCE help you during your later studies and beyond?

Sure. It was not only the level of the education but also the whole experience of such a great school that helped.

Q.: What's the greatest piece of advice you've ever received?

Do the good thing and it will get back to you at some point.

Q.: What (or who) inspires you?

Steve Jobs.

Q.: Your motto in life?

Just do it!

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