Graduate Certificates and Diplomas

What is a Graduate Diploma or a Graduate Certificate?

Graduate Diplomas (GD) and Graduate Certificates (GC), are advanced academic credentials primarily designed for professionals who wish to take courses in an area of specialization in order to enhance their career and academic experience.

They are short, focused programs of study that are delivered at the same level as a master’s degree, but are less extensive in content and duration.

The GDs and GCs offered by the Deree School of Graduate and Professional Education consist of five graduate courses, which carry full academic credit, and will help you develop your career competency in specific subjects. Depending on the pace of study, the typical duration of a GD is two terms, but can be extended to up to two years depending on individual needs.

Benefits of a Graduate Diploma or a Graduate Certificate

GD and GC programs are best suited for professionals who are interested in graduate level education but do not have the need to complete the requirements of a traditional Master’s degree at present. A person may pursue graduate certificate programs for professional and/or academic reasons. On the professional side, GD and GC programs provide advanced education credentials for many careers.  On the academic side, GD and GC programs provide students with a solid scholarly grounding and a record of academic accomplishment in a particular discipline. The benefits of such a qualification are:

  • It gives participants the opportunity to become specialists in a particular subject matter in a short period of time.
  • It allows professionals to change the direction of their careers by providing them the necessary foundations of a specific discipline.
  • It helps professionals with degrees not related to their current job to expand or update their knowledge and skills.
  • It carries full academic credit, thus offering direct entry into a master’s program to those who wish to continue their graduate studies at a later time.

Deree – The American College of Greece offers the following Graduate Diploma & Certificate Programs:

Graduate Diploma in Digital and Social Media

Graduate Diploma in Public Relations

Graduate Certificate in Psychology