Creative Writing

A Professional Education seminar with Vasilis Manousakis, Ph.D.

When: February 22 – April 25, 2024 / every Thursday, 18:30-21:30
Where: Deree – The American College of Greece, Aghia Paraskevi Campus (6 Gravias Street, 153 42 Aghia Paraskevi)

Language of Instruction: Greek
Audience: By registration only
Registration Deadline: February 21, 2024

10 in-class sessions ( 30 hours in total )
Thursdays, 18:30-21:30

February 22, 2024
February 29, 2024
March 7, 2024
March 14, 2024
March 21, 2024
March 28, 2024
April 4, 2024
April 11, 2024
April 18, 2024
April 25, 2024


A creative writing seminar designed to explore various creative ways of expression- mainly in writing- through diverse practice exercises using the spectrum of the arts, such as literature, theatre, cinema and the fine arts.

Who is this for?

This seminar is for aspiring writers who want to find their writing inclination, and writers who have already published but feel the need to enhance their creative ways and explore new genres. Participants can be from any discipline and field.

Why attend?

This seminar will give the participants the opportunity to explore their inner resources and express themselves in many different ways through the prompts and writing exercises given. The participants will learn and practice a wide range of genres and techniques, and this will help them find their own preferences and eventually their own voice. Genres such as the short story, flash fiction, poetry (haiku, list poems, free verse and others), theatrical plays and movie scripts will be introduced, and the participants will have the opportunity to create their own portfolio at the end of the course to showcase it to publishers and literary magazines in Greece and abroad. Exercises will include, but will not be limited to, writing with the use of prompts, writing focusing on one emotion, the creation of a hero/heroine, dealing with difficult emotions through writing, plot structure, imagery and many more. Moreover, participants will receive their instructor’s and their peers’ feedback weekly having thus the opportunity to improve their ideas and their writing. Finally, the instructor will share his own vast experience in the field and will invite established authors to share their views on writing and guide the participants to new creative ways of thinking.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. recognize and understand the structure of stories
  2. narrate stories in various ways
  3. create plausible characters
  4. condense or embellish their sentences depending on the genre
  5. work with a word limit and/or given prompts and instructions
  6. attempt to write poetry
  7. apply the techniques taught in their own writing
  8. understand writing as a means of expression
  9. explore the limits of language
  10. realize the benefits of creative expression in their personal life
  11. create publication-ready material

Certificate of Participation

In order to be awarded the Certificate of Participation from the Deree – School of Graduate and Professional Education, participants will need to fulfill the below criteria:

  • Attendance of 8 out of 10 sessions
  • Pass the final assessment

Course fees

Regular single participant fee: €350

Members of the ACG Community, Professional Education past participants and the unemployed: €320

Vasilis Manousakis, Ph.D.

Vasilis Manousakis is a short-story writer, poet and translator, whose work has appeared in New American Writing, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Barcelona Ink, Parentheses and Drunken Boat among others. He writes reviews and translates poetry and short stories for literary magazines and e-zines. He has been one of the founding members of Bonsai Stories, the blog directly linked to Planodion literary magazine. The blog is dedicated to Flash Fiction and work from many well-known writers from Greece, the United States, and other countries, has appeared there. These flash stories have been collected in two printed volumes so far and a special tribute to 9/11 stories has appeared in a third volume, in which Vasilis was in the editorial committee. Recently, he has taught Creative Writing courses in New York Writers Workshop (with international participants from various countries), Scribophile ((with international participants from various countries) and the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (with Greek participants). He holds a Ph.D. in Contemporary American Poetry and has taught Creative Writing, Modern Poetry, Short Fiction and Audiovisual Translation in universities and colleges in Greece, Cyprus and the United States. His focus on the human thought and behavior in his writings has led him to a Master’s Program in Mental Health Counseling and he holds individual and group sessions with clients, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy (a combination of Creative Writing and Psychotherapy).

For more information, please email [email protected] or call +30 210 600 9800 ext. 1532, 1332.

Classes start: February 22, 2024