Certified Digital Documents


Digitary – Digital Documents (by Parchment, USA)

The American College of Greece now offers certified academic statements in a digital format to download and share, at any time using the secure Digitary CORE platform.

Upon completion of your request, you will receive access to the following digital statements:

  • Official transcripts for all divisions (Undergraduate, Graduate, Alba Graduate Business School)
  • Diploma Supplement (OU students only)
  • Co-curricular transcript (Undergraduate Division graduates)


What are the benefits of digital academic statements?

Digitary CORE allows you to access your certified documents 24/7 and view them in high definition exactly as they appear on paper. You can share your official statements online with interested parties, such as professional accreditation organizations and other educational institutions.

When sharing online, you can:

  • control who can access your document(s) and for how long
  • view who accessed your documents and when
  • shut-off access to any document, at any time

The institutional procedure for ordering hard copy documents, where required, still remains.

Access to your documents can take up to 2 workings days from request, you will receive email confirmation once these are ready.

To submit your request, please email the Registrar’s office at [email protected] by providing the following information: full name, ACG ID number, email address, and type of document that you wish to receive (eg. Official Transcript).

Please note, if you matriculated before 1990 you will not be able to access a digital transcript.