Fitness Center & Services

Fitness Services

The five major areas of fitness services include:

  • Professional Fitness assessment
  • Personalized exercise programs
  • Group fitness Classes
  • Sports-Specific Training
  • Body Building/Fitness Training

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located on the lower level of the Gym and provides the following equipment:


  • 14 Cybex Eagle Selectorized machines. These resistance machines are ideal for beginners, isolation exercises and injury rehabilitation
  • 1 Smith Machine (Cybex)-Weight training equipment for various exercises. For beginners and advanced athletes
  • 1 Heavy duty Leg Press-Plate loaded (Hummer Strength) – Weight training equipment for leg exercises
  • 4 Free weight stations (Cybex)
  • 900 KG of free weights in plates
  • 1 Olympic heavy duty half rack (Power Lift) – Multi use-weight training equipment
  • 1 Olympic heavy duty power rack (Power Lift) – Multi use-weight training equipment
  • 1 complete heavy duty dumbbell collection 5lb.-100lb. (Iron grip)
  • Complete collection of equipment for calisthenics
  • Technogym LAT machine- Weight training machine for back exercises
  • Complete collection of fitness training accessorial equipment- Fitballs, medicine balls, exercise bands, step platforms


  • 1 LifeFitness treadmill (model 97ti)
  • 3 LifeFitness treadmills (model 95 ti)
  • 3 Technogym treadmills (model run 600)
  • 2 Precor EFX elliptical cross trainers – Cardio workout simulating running action without the impact
  • 1 LifeFitness elliptical cross trainer (model 95XI)- New model with the addition of arm movement
  • 2 Concept II rowing ergometers – Simulating the act of rowing for a total body workout
  • 8 LifeFitness – Le Mond spinning bikes – Upright bicycles
  • 1 Monark Ergomedic 824E  Ergometry Cycle- An exercise bike used for fitness testing
  • 1 Cybex recumbent bike (Cyclone) – Seated bicycle that provides back support

It is recommended that you receive clearance from your physician before beginning an exercise program.

Fitness services are free of charge and are open to the entire ACG community. You are encouraged to take advantage of these services and take control of your physical wellbeing.

Group Fitness Classes Spring 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Group Fitness classes program in Spring semester 2021 (January 4 – April 29), will take place online through ZOOM with the following classes:

  • BODY SCULPT: Monday – Wednesday – Friday 17:00-17:45
  • PILATES MAT: Monday – Wednesday – Friday 18:00-18:45
  • ZUMBA: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday 18:00-18:45
  • YOGA: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday 19:00-19:45

The ZOOM link for each class will be posted every morning on our Facebook page “Deree Athletics”.


Usually – and during normal operation – we provide approximately 10 non-credit Group Fitness Classes, such as Aqua Fitness, Abs & Legs, TRX, Outdoor / Indoor Conditioning, Zumba, Power Pilates, Total Fitness, Body Sculpt, Yoga and Pilates Mat.

The program may be modified at any time. Please check the notice board regularly.

Aqua Fitness

A low impact workout which can be enjoyed by practically anyone regardless of fitness level, body mass index, age, and health conditions since the buoyancy of water supports 90 percent of the body.

Body Sculpt

This class maximizes muscle endurance, aerobic fitness and calory burn using light resistance training in various combinations and continuous tempo.

Pilates Mat

A class, which utilizes basic Pilates exercises to help strengthen and tone core muscles while improving posture, flexibility and balance by using controlled breathing and mindful movement.

Outdoor / Indoor Conditioning

Fun workout at the track facility where training includes running, sprinting, jumping and body weight training.


This class utilizes specific postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to develop muscular strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Abs & Legs

A workout focused on toning/strengthening abdominal, leg, and lower back muscles combined with an aerobic warm-up and deep static/dynamic stretching after the workout.

TRX (Suspension Training)

This class includes bodyweight training that ranges from simple, easy to execute exercises for beginners to challenging and hard to execute exercises for advanced participants.


Zumba is an international exercise fitness program that involves dance and aerobic movements aiming to enhance cardiovascular fitness. The choreography incorporates various dance styles and addresses all fitness levels.

Total Fitness

A workout that enhances total body muscular strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity through the use of body bars, dumbbells, and body weight exercises combined with intense cardio intervals. You will be coached through fundamental weight lifting movements, body weight and plyometric exercises all under the sounds of motivational music tracks guaranteed to keep you challenged!

Power Pilates

This unique Pilates course is designed to streamline the body while increasing flexibility, balance and strength. The Power Pilates course includes a blend of both standing and mat Pilates exercises and a 15 minute intermediate cardio warm-up in the beginning of the class.

For more information contact Panagiotis Tilelis

Tel: 210 600 9800 ext. 1171
E-mail: [email protected]