Physical Education


Physical Education offers classes for credit. The credit program is twofold in nature.

There are:

  • skill (Tennis and Swimming)
  • and physical fitness courses (Power Pilates and Water Fitness)

which award one credit each with students graded on a pass/fail basis.

Instruction is sequential and designed to build the requisite foundation skills, develop and improve performance skills, impart knowledge and concepts relevant to the activity/subject, provide information concerning the fitness and health benefits of regular exercise, help students develop and maintain physical fitness, and enable students to realize why physical activity and proper nutrition can be the cornerstones of well-being and quality of life. These courses also provide opportunities for multi-cultural learning and socialization in a friendly and pleasant environment. All classes are open to men and women.

physical education

Physical Education Classes

Credit Courses Program – Fall 2021

Course Credit Starting
Day Time Place
PE 1003 A1 – Tennis 1 Sep. 15 Wednesday 12:00-13:40 Tennis Courts
PE 1006 A1 – Power Pilates 1 Sep. 13 Monday
11:30-12:20 Fitness Center (Studio 3)
PE 1008 A1 – Water Fitness 1 Sep. 14 Tuesday
11:20-12:10 Swimming Pool

The program is posted regularly. Please re-visit the page for updates.

Physical Education Course Descriptions

Tennis: This course is designed to teach basic (forehand, backhand, and serve) and advanced (volley, lob, smash) skills and familiarize students with tennis rules, court strategy, and tennis etiquette.

Power Pilates: This unique pilates course is designed to streamline the body while increasing flexibility, balance and strength. The Power Pilates course includes a blend of both standing and mat pilates.

Water Fitness: The Water Fitness course is designed to instruct shallow-water exercises that can help improve stamina, endurance and cardiovascular fitness levels. The multidirectional resistance of water provides an excellent non-impact workout, which can benefit all fitness levels.

Swimming: This course teaches students how to perform front/back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, and side swimming with scissor kicks. It aims to increase the level of cardiovascular endurance, improve stroke and turn techniques, and increase the understanding of basic principles of aerobic training through successful completion of swimming workouts. All lessons will be tailored to fit the specific needs of the students.

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