Multiply your career options! Acquire skills applicable to a variety of professional settings with a Minor in English!

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Complement your studies and enrich your CV with a Minor Certificate in English. Enhance your critical and analytical skills, improve your speaking and writing, and learn how to be an expert communicator! 

What You Will Study

The Minor Certificate in English complements your major studies by enhancing your communication skills. Select courses ranging from the study of language and pedagogy to the exploration of literary movements and major British and American authors. Depending on the courses you select you will encounter a variety of literary texts and cultural contexts or different learning and teaching styles. 

Whatever your Major, the English courses you are going to select will offer diversity to your transcript and increase your career opportunities in the future.

What You Will Study


Any Six (6) 2000-level or above EN courses 

For an emphasis on literature (indicative list):

Introduction to Literature 

English Literature: from Chaucer to Swift  

The Making of America: American Literature to 1865 

English Literature: Romanticism to Modernism

(Re)Writing America 

Trends in Contemporary Theater

For an emphasis on language (indicative list):

Introduction to Language 

Structure of the English Language

Fundamentals of 2nd Language Learning

Semantics & Pragmatics

Fundamentals of Language Teaching & Practicum

Discourse Analysis

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