Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Learn the principles and practices of visual communication with a Minor in Graphic Design!

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Complement your studies and enrich your CV with the Minor Certificate in Graphic Design. The certificate, comprising four studio courses and one theory course, will provide you with a broad understanding of visual communication and enhance your creative and digital skills. Get a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of visual communication as applied in a multitude of industries globally, and become competitive in your field.

What You Will Study

The Minor Certificate in Graphic Design provides essential knowledge for understanding today’s world. In both the physical and digital domains, efficient and enticing communication is paramount to success. Utilizing the power of imagery, symbols and type, you will be able to construct meanings through captivating layouts and structures – applicable skills in many industries.

It is a complementary path for anyone who wishes to improve their visual communication skills and to present ideas, concepts and projects in effectively through visual language.

You can combine the benefits of the minor with studies in Marketing, Communication, IT, the arts – as much as in business and management.

You will start with the course Visual Literacy and the basic graphic design programs. You will then engage with the methodology of research and creative thinking. Your studies will culminate in the production of solid projects for your portfolio.

An academic advisor will help you put together a minor tailored to your individual needs and interests.

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