Art History

BA (Hons) in Art History
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Introduction to the Major in Art History

The Art History program provides students with broad knowledge and critical understanding of art history as a discipline. It offers a solid foundation primarily in the history of western art through a broad course selection, ranging from antiquity to the present, while including topics in non-western art. It promotes analytical thinking, interpretative skills, and the ability to engage critically and creatively in debate and argument. It helps students gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, historical periods and ideas. The Art History program enables students to acquire appropriate research skills and prepares them for graduate work.

What You Will Study

The program consists of the College’s General Education curriculum (including humanities and social sciences) and a prescribed concentration in Art History and elective courses. The core of art history courses focuses on Western Art from antiquity to the present. Art is studied within its continually changing social, religious, political, and intellectual contexts, with an emphasis on scholarly inquiry. Period courses are combined with courses focusing on the theoretical background of and issues in the discipline. The courses are designed to develop the student’s analytical and critical thinking through exposure to and practice of theoretical and methodological issues within the history of art.

Scholarships awarded for this major

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Career/Graduate Study Opportunities

The Art History program is designed to provide a solid background for graduate work in the fields of art history and archaeology. Career prospects include teaching (at all levels), museum or gallery work, archaeology, work in auction houses, journalism, advertising, publishing and editing, and in related fields (following specialized training programs) such as conservation, archival studies, library sciences with a specialty in art history or archaeology, arts administration, art law, art advising, art appraisal, arts management, art investment, antiquarian book trade and heritage management. In addition, the critical, analytical, research and presentation skills that Art History students acquire as part of their education are transferable and sought after in other fields as well.