Admissions FAQs

What accreditation does Deree – The American College of Greece have?

Deree is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), which accredits institutions such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Brown and many other outstanding colleges and universities. This means that a Deree degree is highly regarded all around the world.

Deree and the Open University, the largest university in the UK, have established a partnership for the purpose of EU degree validation.

1. What documents do I need to apply to Deree? (show)

In addition to a completed application form, which may be submitted online, applicants need:

  1. One letter of recommendation from a teacher/professor of the last institution attended; recommendation letters from private tutors are not accepted.
  2. Official high school transcript(s) and diploma or official college/university transcript(s) and catalog (if applying for transfer credits).
  3. Acceptable evidence of proficiency in English:
    • Pearson Test of Academic English
    • Michigan State University Certificate of English Language Proficiency (MSU – CELP)
    • Michigan Proficiency Certificate
    • Cambridge Proficiency Certificate
    • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) with Grade A only
    • TOEFL (score 87 or higher on internet-based test)
    • IELTS (score 6.5 or higher)
    • GCE
    • International Baccalaureate
    • Graduation from an accredited English language high school/institution
    • If none of the above is available, the candidate must take the English Placement Test administered by the College. Based on the results of the test, students are placed into the appropriate English for Academic Purposes Program or Writing Program course.
  4. Certified copy of your Greek state identity card or your passport
  5. An interview with a designated Deree representative.


2. When can I take the English Placement Test (EPT)? (show)

Placement tests are offered throughout the admissions period. You may find out details by contacting the Admissions Office at +30 210 600 9800, ext.1410 or e-mail: [email protected]


3. What is the content of the English Placement Test (EPT)? (show)

It is a two-hour, multiple-choice computer-based test evaluating the student’s vocabulary, grammar and listening skills.


4. What are the deadlines for application? (show)

The College has a rolling admissions policy; however, it is strongly suggested that candidates submit their applications by the following dates:

Fall Semester – June 15
Spring Semester – December 1
Summer Session 1 – April 1
Summer Term – April 1
Summer Session 2 – May 1


5. Do I get a scholarship due to high academic achievement in high school? (show)

Yes!  If your high school graduation grade is higher than 17/20, you are eligible for a tuition reduction between 15% and 35% through the Merit Scholarship Program.


6. Are there other scholarships? (show)

Yes! Deree offers a series of scholarships based on academic achievement and/or other criteria. For more information, click here.


7. If I am not eligible for a scholarship, can I receive financial aid? (show)

Yes! The American College of Greece offers more than €6.7 million in financial aid and scholarships. For more information, click here.


8. How many years of study are required to get my Bachelor’s degree? (show)

On average, students attending on full-time basis will need 4 years to graduate from Deree assuming they complete all their courses successfully.


9. Do I have to declare a major from the beginning? (show)

No. You may enter the College as undecided, take general education courses and declare a major later on (usually during your sophomore or second year of study).


10. Is there a possibility to complete a double major? (show)

Deree students have the opportunity to attend courses in one or two academic majors, leading to Bachelor’s degree with a double major.


11. Can I study at Deree while also attending a Greek public university? (show)

Yes! Hundreds of students engage in Parallel Study, usually in complementary majors. This is made easier by the opportunity to transfer credits from their public university to Deree, thus accelerating their Deree studies.


12. Can I engage in Study Abroad while at Deree? (show)

Yes! As a Deree student, you can study for a semester in one of our dozens of partner universities in the US and Europe, while paying the much lower Deree tuition. For more information, click here.


13. Can I participate in international internship programs while at Deree? (show)

Yes! Each year, dozens of Deree students participate at no cost in such programs with companies like Libra Group, who make such programs available through the College. To be selected for such a program, you must maintain a good academic record and also have a record of substabtial extracurricular engagement. For more information, click here.


14. What is a Minor? (show)

A Minor is a secondary area of specialized academic study, requiring fewer courses or credits than a major.


15. What time are classes held? (show)

Each student can arrange her/his own schedule according to the courses she/he needs to take and the hours these courses are offered. Courses are offered from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


16. How many hours do I have to attend per week? (show)

Students may attend 1 to 5 courses per semester, which translates into 3 to 15 class hours per week.


17. Is attendance mandatory? How many absences am I allowed? (show)

Yes, attendance is mandatory. During semesters, students may miss a maximum of 9 hours of class for Mon-Wed- Fri courses or 6 for Tu-Thu courses. During sessions, students may miss up to 6 hours of class (3 days). Professors have a right to set stricter standards of attendance for their courses.


18. Will I have difficulty adapting to the educational system? (show)

The College has designed the academic program for first year students so as to allow them to adapt smoothly to the college’s educational system. In addition, if a student feels that some extra support is needed, she/he can and should contact an academic advisor. Free peer tutoring is also available.


19. Who can I talk to about my academic program and progress? (show)

All students are assigned an academic advisor who is responsible for assisting them in gaining the greatest benefit from their educational experience at the College. Students can contact the Academic Advising Office at +30 210 600 9800 ext. 1431 or e-mail: [email protected].


20. Do you help graduates find a job? (show)

The Office of Career Services offers quality job placement programs and career events such as Career Days, as well as personalized assistance in researching the best graduate programs. Nine out of ten graduates either begin their careers immediately following graduation in the field of their choice or continue on to graduate studies. Today, Deree alumni have a strong presence in over 1900 companies and organizations worldwide.


21. May I continue my studies at another University abroad? (show)

Yes! Since Deree is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), students can either transfer credits or pursue graduate study at other universities around the world. 93% of our graduates are accepted at the university of their choice for graduate studies. Examples of Universities that have accepted Deree graduates for graduate study include The London School of Economics, Harvard University, Boston University, Imperial College of London, Georgetown University, University of Oxford, Columbia University, University of Warwick etc.


22. What College facilities may I use? (show)

All students have free access to all of the College’s facilities (track and field, Olympic-size swimming pool, library, computer labs, Office of Career Services, etc.) as long as they carry a valid student ID card.


23. Will I have an e-mail account? (show)

Yes. Each student is assigned an individual e-mail account as soon as she/he becomes a student of our College.


24. What extra-curricular activities are available? (show)

Clubs and societies are organizations formed by students with the purpose of enhancing their academic life, each with its own objectives and responsibilities. The College also offers an extensive athletic program and a variety of sports, designed to meet all the physical activity needs of the College community. Extra-curricular activities constitute a significant and exciting part of student life, offering students the chance to socialize, apply what they have been taught in their courses, come in contact with people from the business world, and enrich their resumes with valuable qualifications.


25. Can I get a deferment for my military service? (show)

Male students who are Greek nationals and are registered at Deree – The American College of Greece and at the Open University Validated Award program are eligible for deferment of their military service obligations.