Pair your degree with a Minor in History, acquire knowledge in historical studies and learn how to communicate ideas and evaluate arguments!

Quick info

Complement your studies and enrich your CV with a Minor in History. The History Minor allows students to develop their skills in reading, written and oral communication, research, critical reasoning and analytical thinking. It bridges disciplines as it encourages students to consider a society in all its aspects—political, economic, social, moral, and aesthetic. Above all, history teaches an appreciation of change and continuity over time, thus fostering greater sensitivity to human and cultural diversity.

What You Will Study

As minors in History study the past, they achieve a firmer understanding of contemporary issues and ideas and they begin to view current events in their historical perspective. Moreover, they gain an appreciation for how historians develop their interpretations about historical events and societies, how and why historical interpretations differ, and how they change over time.

The competencies students develop and refine as history minors provide excellent preparation for professional careers in a broad range of fields including business, diplomacy, international affairs, politics government administration, law, history education, journalism, finance, museum administration, publishing and editing, research and consulting. Students who wish to pursue master’s or doctoral level studies in preparation for a career in teaching and/or research will find the History Minor to be excellent background.

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