The American College of Greece Research Center (ACG-RC)

ACG Library

ACG-RC, a not-for-profit Research Center launched in 2020, acts as a platform for the promotion of research and innovation in the fields studied and taught in schools and divisions of The American College of Greece (ACG). These areas of inquiry range from the natural, social, and computational sciences to technology, education and communications, as well as the liberal and fine arts.

ACG-RC fosters a diverse range of research, learning and innovation-oriented activities, hosts researchers and scholars from different countries and backgrounds, participates in collaborative projects — such as research grants funded by various entities — and collaborates with an array of partners from the academic, research, industrial, non-governmental and other domains.

ACG-RC serves as the prime vehicle for hosting the funded research activities (such as European Union funded projects) involving the faculty members of all ACG’s educational divisions, as well as the members and fellows of ACG’s Institutes, Centers of Excellence and other units.

Professor Constantinos Papadias ([email protected]) is ACG-RC’s Scientific Director. For more information and questions related to the ACG-RC please contact Mr. Aristotelis Alexopoulos,  [email protected], 210 8964531, ext. 2270.