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What is Unibuddy?

Unibuddy is a global social platform that brings together active university and college students with prospective students from all over the world. Through chats, blogs and videos, Unibuddy ambassadors offer support, guidance and information to candidates in order to help them make informed decisions about their academic future.

What does a Unibuddy Ambassador do?

As a Unibuddy Ambassador you will be asked to:

Offer answers and information to questions about your Deree studies, student life and overall experience, including redirecting candidates/prospects to specific pages of ACG’s websites and offices or departments

Produce short, engaging social posts

Share your passion and enthusiasm

Take part in Unibuddy Live chats

Check your Unibuddy account on a daily basis and answer questions in a timely manner (within 24 hours on weekdays).

Create a friendly relationship with students by asking questions and being engaging

Observing the Unibuddy Etiquette

  • Be friendly yet polite and professional. Remember, you are representing an academic institution, so make sure to maintain a mature and sober approach to all conversations.
  • Have a positive outlook on college life and study.
  • Be flexible and willing to respond to questions in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Be factual, accurate and objective in the information you convey to the enquirers.

Benefits from becoming a Unibuddy Ambassador

Joining Unibuddy is a great opportunity to broaden your experiences, develop your personality, enrich your resume with a set of highly coveted soft skills and improve your employability. Here’s the lowdown:

Master your self-management skills

To maintain an active academic life while being a Unibuddy ambassador is a balancing act that will require time and workload management which are part of the self-management skills’ palette. As a matter of fact, demonstrating self-management in your resume and in person could be what sets you apart from the competition, according to employers and recruiters.

Develop a strong sense of responsibility

Becoming a Unibuddy ambassador for Deree means that you will be representing your institution to potential new students worldwide, so it is expected that you are responsible, polite, consistent and reliable. Moreover, these skills are key in the workplace and greatly appreciated by employers.

Improve your EQ

Joining Unibuddy and interacting with new and diverse groups of people will help you improve your emotional intelligence. What does emotional intelligence have to do with your professional development and success? Well, handling people from different backgrounds on Unibuddy is a direct simulation of the interactions you will be having with your co-workers in the future. So, being empathetic and sensitive to other people’s needs allows you to react in a more positive way, understand and manage interpersonal relationships better, reduce stress and build resilience. Another highly sought-after skill to add to your resume!

Hone your communication skills

Whether it’s written or verbal, communication is an indispensable part of your Unibuddy role.  As an ambassador you will be asked to hold conversations with prospects and effectively inform them of your experiences at Deree. Especially if you are creating digital content in the form of blog posts or videos, it is important that your story is clear, creative and engaging. And remember, being a great communicator in writing or in person can make a prospective employer interested. So, join Unibuddy and flex those storytelling muscles!

Enrich your international experience

Deree is an international academic destination that boasts a diverse body of students from 78 countries. Being a Deree student and Unibuddy Ambassador at the same time, will help you build on your already rich international experience as you will be chatting to people from all over the world and all walks of life. The variety of their backgrounds, interests and questions is what makes the experience so exciting so make sure not miss this opportunity! 

Give back to your Alma Mater

ACG consists of a vibrant community that is known for its giving back culture and tradition through volunteering, mentoring, sharing information, donating, and more. By joining Unibuddy you can be part of that tradition and give something back to your Alma Mater as well as help to grow the ACG family with new members from all over the world! On top of the ACG community of which you are already a proud member, you will become part of a global community of Unibuddy ambassadors from Canada, Iceland, Qatar, Botswana, Australia, China, Russia, Mexico, and more!

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