Liberal Arts & Sciences Majors (BA, BSc)


The Department of Communication comprises faculty members with a wide range of professional and academic experience and students with a wide range of backgrounds and a variety media-related career interests. MORE

Cinema Studies

The BA in Cinema Studies offers students the opportunity to receive both theoretical and applied education in cinema. MORE


The English Program at Deree offers students a choice of studying literature or an interdisciplinary combination of literature with linguistics. MORE

Biomedical Sciences

In our rapidly changing world in which the disciplines of medicine, biomedical research and healthcare are of increasing relevance, a Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences… MORE

Environmental Studies

Deree – ACG is the first private educational institution to introduce an Environmental Studies program in Greece. The program was launched in fall 2010…. MORE


The Bachelor degree in History will take four years. The first year covers modules in General Education. In the second year the student proceeds to Level 4 where he/she will be acquainted… MORE

Information Technology

The B.Sc. in Information Technology is offered within the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Deree-ACG. The program has been designed to meet… MORE

International Relations and European Affairs

The International Relations and European Affairs (IREA) program is a new program to be offered by the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences… MORE


The Philosophy program is dedicated to providing students a fundamental competency in the understanding of major philosophical schools, ideas and concepts… MORE


Psychology today is defined as “the scientific study of behavior and underlying mental phenomena.” The field of psychology encompasses… MORE


Sociology is the study of institutions, groups and social roles and how these connect to individual lives. It combines… MORE

Engineering Science

(In collaboration with Clarkson University). A unique program combining 2 years of study at Deree and 2 years study at Clarkson University, in the US… MORE

Cybersecurity and Networks

With the accelerated reliance of society on IT infrastructures and the increasing adoption of cyberspace data and service architectures… MORE