ACG Alumni Chapters

The Alumni Chapters offer alumni the opportunity to stay involved with and connect to ACG, students and fellow alumni. Alumni chapter volunteers are instrumental in bringing alumni closer together while enriching their own lives and the lives of future ACG alumni.

Find a Chapter near You: Please find below the regional chapters and the local leaders. For information about a chapter, coming events or getting involved, e-mail the contact person(s) listed.

Form a Chapter: If you would like to form an Alumni chapter in your area, please email us at [email protected].

The ACG Advancement Office is committed to collaborating with you to create vibrant organizations. We look forward to your success!


Dimitris Floros
Global Alumni Advisory Board member

(D ‘09)


Makis Kosmatos
Global Alumni Advisory Board member

(D ‘90)


United Kingdom

Lydia Modiano
Global Alumni Advisory Board, Exec. Committee member

(P ‘79)


Panos Karan

(P ‘00)


Lefteris Dafermos
Global Alumni Advisory Board member

(D ‘17)


Ioanna Mentzou

(P ‘03 &
D ‘08)


Basil Manousos

(D ‘95)


United States

Nikos Tsafos
Global Alumni Advisory Board member

(P ‘99)

Washington DC

Eirini Psyrra

(P ‘99)

New York

Antonios Aldous

(P ‘06)

New York

Angel Key
Global Alumni Advisory Board member

(D ‘15)