ACG Health & Wellness

Get Healthy! ACG Health & Wellness Center

The ACG Health & Wellness Center offers Health Services, Wellness Coaching.

What We Believe

Our mission is based on the truth that lies in the idea of balancing the mind, body and spirit. We believe in fulfilling this mission through

  • A caring environment: by providing services that are centered on the individual, where caring, compassion and sensitivity give recognition and respect to the needs of the whole person.
  • Collaboration: by striving to work in an active partnership with the ACG community and the general health care community.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation: by continually striving to find creative ways to deliver services.
  • Empowerment, by increasing knowledge and influencing behavior that will enhance health.
  • Leadership: by assuming a leadership role in college health programs, formulating policies, protocols and operating procedures that enable our school to provide effective services, to ensure that:
    • adequate resources and arrangements are in place to deal with illness and injuries, as they arise and
    • lines of communication are in place with parents and guardians if required.
  • Excellence and professional development: by continually increasing skills and knowledge in order to provide the highest quality service.
  • Confidentiality: by keeping all medical information and records strictly confidential

What We Do

We provide accessible high quality health services to meet the needs of all members of the College Community. We support and encourage students, staff and faculty members to realize their optimal physical, emotional, social and intellectual goals through health promotion and disease prevention programs and services.  It is the aim of these innovative services to assist the College Community in cultivating their own healthy lifestyles that will follow them throughout the course of their college experience and beyond.