A Whole School Approach to Social and Emotional Learning

An open lecture by:

Carmel Cefai PhD (Lond.)
CPsychol FBPsS
Professor Department of Psychology
Director Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health
Coordinator MA Transdisciplinary Childhood Studies
University of Malta

When: Friday, 20 May, 17:00-19:00

Where: Online via ZOOM (please complete registration form below)

Organized by: The Graduate Master Class Series, School of Graduate and Professional Education

Lecture Description

Social and emotional competences such as self-awareness and emotional regulation, problem-solving and decision-making, teamwork and collaboration, understanding and empathising with others, embracing diversity and constructive conflict resolution, are requisite 21st century competences for children and young people. As schools strive to provide a quality education which addresses the current challenges, they are becoming more aware that children and young people need to develop not only cognitive but also social and emotional competences to help them navigate successfully through the tasks and challenges in their development and in their pathway towards adulthood. The worldwide anxiety created by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, both amongst children and adults alike, has recently underlined how crucial these skills are for children’s learning and development. This presentation discusses the role of social and emotional competences in education and proposes a curricular and ecological framework of social and emotional learning within a whole school approach.


Carmel Cefai PhD

Carmel Cefai PhD, FBPS, is the Director at the Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health, and Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Malta. He is Honorary Chair of the European Network for Social and Emotional Competence, joint founding editor of the International Journal of Emotional Education, and a coordinating member and expert of the European Commission Network of Experts on Social Aspects of Education and Training. He has led various local and international research projects in social and emotional learning, mental health in schools, and resilience and wellbeing in children and young people. He has published extensively in the area with numerous books, research reports, journal papers and book chapters.