Residence Life Program

Residence Life Program

The Residence Life Program aims at engaging you with the cultural immersion in Greece and The American College of Greece! Comprised of diverse components, our program includes but is not limited to day-trip excursions, casual gatherings, the Philoxenia Program and more!

Philoxenia @ ACG

“Philoxenia” [«φιλοξενία»] is the ancient Greek word used to describe the concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home. The act of welcoming, caring for, and entertaining visitors from abroad formed an institution central to the social life of ancient Greeks. The American College of Greece, DEREE, continues this ancient tradition today through its Philoxenia Program. The Program aims at fostering friendships and cultural understanding among the many nationalities here at ACG.

ACG Buddies (show)

Serving the International Student Community

The ACG Buddies initiative is an open door to the world. We have a community of energetic students who are committed to offering their services to the International Student Community and are an integral aspect of their experience at ACG.

By joining the ACG Buddies our students have the opportunity to connect with the students visiting ACG from around the globe. The mission of ACG Buddies is to promote cultural exchange between Greek and international students through educational and entertainment activities!

  • Initiate contact with incoming international students prior to their arrival on campus
  • Provide a warm welcome to our international students during move-in days
  • Help international students delve into Greek culture and act as liaisons between them and the local student body
  • Invite international students to experience Athens and Greece through local eyes and help them discover everything that the city has to offer
  • Organize the International Study Abroad Public Forum
  • Send off international students during move-out days (until you meet again!)

Don’t miss out on the life changing experience of serving as an ACG Buddy! Click here to download the application and apply now!

What are the privileges of an ACG Buddy?

ACG Buddies will have the opportunity to:

  • Represent the Study Abroad office in College events, Study Abroad Fairs, and Residence Life Events and Activities
  • Expand and enrich cultural horizons
  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • Enhance leadership and management skills
  • Be considered for one Outbound Study Abroad scholarship of €1,000 towards tuition fees while on a study abroad program at an ACG exchange partner institution
  • Enjoy discounts on select excursions open to both incoming and local students
  • Make friends from all over the world

What are the qualities of an ACG Buddy?

ACG Buddies are energetic and enthusiastic students, who:

  • Are actively involved in ACG student life on campus (clubs, organizations, athletics, student government)
  • Have completed at least one academic term at ACG
  • Are on a good academic standing
  • Wish to become ambassadors of Greek culture and hospitality
  • Are interested in meeting new exciting people from around the globe


Host Family Program (show)

Offering a Taste of Greek Hospitality

All members of the ACG community are invited to sign-up and join the Host Family Program.  Host Families show the true meaning of Greek hospitality to two or more international students, introduce them to their family and/or friends, and enjoy a home-cooked meal, a stroll around their neighborhood, or a weekend excursion. This initiative is a way for international students to learn more about Greek culture, and for host families to see the world through the international students’ eyes!

ACG faculty, staff members, alumni, and ACG Buddies who would like to be part of the Host Family Program are kindly requested to contact the Office of Residential and International Student Services via email to sign up at [email protected].

Day-Trip Excursions

Three day-trip excursions throughout the duration of any given academic Semester and one excursion during each Summer Session will give you the opportunity to discover more about what Greece has to offer. Please note that these excursions are included in the Study Abroad Comprehensive Fee.

Our Semester excursions include a Greek mainland destination, a Greek island, and sites of historical importance. During Summer Sessions you will get to explore a beautiful island for the day!