Katerina Vlachou

Katerina Vlachou

Katerina Vlachou is the Managing Director of Mondelēz Hellas, responsible for Greece and Cyprus. She has undertaken various roles in Marketing and Sales including the positions of Marketing Manager and National Key Accounts. The Marketing campaigns developed have been recognized with numerous local and international awards (Cannes Lions, Mixx Awards, Ermis, Effies etc). She has graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business (Bs in Business Administration) and the American College of Greece (Bs in Business Administration) and holds an MBA degree from Athens Laboratory of Business Administration (ALBA). She is Vice President of the Board of Greek Advertisers Association.


Q: What are three enduring values Deree has taught you?

Agility, Persistence and Teamwork.

Q: Describe Deree in three words.

Extrovert, Innovative, Inspiring.

Q: Which is your fondest memory from your time at Deree?

Creative team presentations.

Q: What do you miss most from your days at Deree?

Lively discussions in the cafeteria and the garden.

Q: If you could go back in time, is there anything that you would do differently?

Enjoy every moment, every day to the fullest.

Q: Where was your favorite spot on campus?

The cafeteria, for its liveliness.

Q: Who was your favorite teacher(s) and why?

Mr Tsikalakis and Mr Fysentsidis for linking theory to real business perspective and pushing us to act as professionals and not as students.

Q: After graduation, have you maintained a relationship with your school and classmates?

Yes, and I am always happy to meet Deree graduates.

Q: Looking back, how did your time at Deree help you become the person you are today?

By challenging us everyday to step up, to be creative, to try new things and be open to new experiences.

Q: What advice would you give a new Deree student?

To make the most out of it and be open to live the whole experience.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

From people around me.

Q: What is your motto in life?

Magic is created by a Team, not a person.

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