Student & Alumni Services

At Career Services, we will support you with deciding on your area of studies, discovering your career options, making career plans, preparing for job search, interviewing, and pursuing internship and jobs.

All of our services, including counseling, are currently available to you but offered exclusively online for social distancing safety reasons. Contact us today!

CV Building

Get the CV template and Career Readiness Plan of specific actions to gradually build your competencies and profile from day one!

Drop-in Advising

Drop in for a 20-minute one-on-one guiding session. Have your CV reviewed and discover online resources to find your best fit in studies or work!

M-W 10:00–11:00 & 14:00–15:00
T-Th 09:30–10:30 & 15:00–16:00

Personalized Career Counselling

Meet with a counselor to time-set your career plans. Decide on your field of studies, adapt your CV to a desirable purpose and target your job or internship search.

Jobs & Internships

Sign into the Career Portal, our All-in-One-Platform and apply to jobs and internships offered directly from the ACG employers network and beyond!

See the instructions how to log into the Career Portal, create your CV, and apply to positions!

Career Days/On-campus recruiting

Talk to over 100 employers in Career Days. Make your connections and get a job or internship offer. Open to all students and recent alumni.

International Job Search

Log-in GoinGlobal for country-specific employment information and worldwide positions; HigherEd for international jobs and internships, assessment tests and masterclass webinars.

Do your first log-in at GoinGlobal while on campus and have access from everywhere!

Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect! Book a mock interview with a top consulting firm at Career Days or meet with a counselor in the year to learn techniques and get advice.

Video Interview Practice

Record your answers to interview questions in Career Portal’s Resources and get feedback from a counselor or share with a third party of your choice!

Create your video presentation to apply to opportunities or for your LinkedIn profile.

Graduate Studies Applications

Schedule an appointment to explore possible programs and institutions, get guided on your application process and write a winning personal statement.

Workshops & Webinars

Nobody expects you to know but they expect you to learn! Join ongoing workshops and register to online webinars, including how to create your LinkedIn Profile!


Join ACG Connect; get access to a robust network of alumni eager and willing to share their experience and advice about life beyond ACG.