Study Abroad in Greece:

Where American education meets Greek living

“One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”

Henry Miller

A transformative experience

Every year, millions of students travel the world to enrich their experience through international study. Whether it is for a semester, a summer session or even a shorter period, study abroad is a global educational trend and a unique way of discovering foreign countries, exploring new cultures, visiting places unknown, learning a new language and making friendships for life. Here’s a list of reasons why studying abroad at The American College of Greece is a great idea.

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Studying Abroad at the

Largest American Educational
Institution in Europe

The American College of Greece is the largest American college or university in Europe and a truly international learning hub. Its Study Abroad program offers the benefits of a European study abroad destination while exposing students to the complex history and multiethnic society of southeastern Europe. Located in Athens, one of the world’s most renowned and safe cities, the idyllic ACG campus serves as a springboard for exploring Athens and the nearby Greek islands. Thanks to ACG’s rich English-speaking curriculum – 38 majors, 51 minors, and more than 1,000 academic courses offered annually – students in virtually any academic major can find courses to apply towards graduation in their home institution.

A meeting of two worlds

By choosing to study in Athens, at The American College of Greece, students join one of Europe’s largest study abroad programs. The program admirably combines the advantages of American-modeled education with Greece’s cultural heritage. Students will walk where the ancient philosophers once stood and where democracy and Western civilization were born. At the same time, they will study in an international environment and get to interact with academics and fellow students from all over the world.

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Experiencing Athens and the nearby islands

Greece is one of the most visited tourist destinations and for good reason: the blue seas, the magnificent sunsets, the friendly people, the buzzing nightlife, the amazing food, the great historical sites and picturesque islands, all promise to satisfy every student’s wanderlust.

Athens, with its special architecture, historic landmarks, scenic neighborhoods, and unique aura, will transport visitors on a journey through time. Home to must-see, awe-inspiring monuments, like the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Odeon of Herod Atticus, the Athenian Agora, to name a few, it is the ideal destination for anyone interested in history, art history and the ancient world. Students attending their study abroad semester at ACG can also complement their knowledge of the Greek antiquity with courses in Philosophy, History, Archaeology or the Classics.  

For those wishing to combine learning with a pinch of adventure, Athens is a convenient departure point for nearly everything — from island-hopping around the Saronikos Gulf on day trips, to travelling to more remote destinations in Greece and across Europe. Again, travel enthusiasts can combine their passion for adventure with some tourism and hospitality courses or feed their venturesome spirit with in-depth entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion Greece
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Greek hospitality:
Feeling at home away from home

Greeks use the word “philoxenia” to describe the concept of hospitality and generosity to those who are far from home. In fact, the term literally means “friend to a stranger.” Welcoming, caring for and entertaining visitors from abroad is a virtue so deeply rooted in the Greek mentality and culture that it has become the norm for an entire nation. By studying abroad in Athens, young Americans enjoy the opportunity to nurture relationships with the locals – from the grocery shop owner to the lady at the “psilikatzidiko” (Greek for convenience store), to the waiter at the nearby café and lots of other people. They will also find that Greeks are very welcoming and often go out of their way to make the guests’ time in Greece more comfortable and enjoyable – from offering tips around town, to home invitations for some home-cooked food, to free shots or free desserts. A very endearing attitude which is sure to make the students’ stay much easier and a lot more memorable!

The sun always shines in Athens:
336 days of sunshine

Among the reasons Greece is a popular tourist magnet is its warm, temperate and inviting Mediterranean climate. Summers are usually hot and dry white winters are for the most part mild. The winters are colder in Northern Greece and snow is a common occurrence whereas for the south of Greece and the islands, winters are milder. Athens boasts a sunny climate 336 days a year, making it one of the sun-bathed cities in Europe together with Madrid and a study abroad-friendly destination all year round. Time to synthesize some sunshine vitamin!

Tastes like Greece:
A culinary adventure

Food is inextricably linked with Greek culture so it would be a shame to visit Greece and not try the local tastes. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, the cuisine includes healthy and at the same time mouth-watering dishes. Besides the traditional moussaka, tzatziki, feta, olives, and souvlaki, the Greek menu is rich in delicious fish and seafood, highly nutritious fruit and vegetables cooked for the season, as well as a large selection of traditional home-made pies originating from different parts of the country. Food in Greece is so much more than mere flavors and dishes. Greeks make a point of dining regularly with their families, friends or relatives, as dining together is a means of nurturing bonds with others and caring through sharing one of life’s greatest pleasures! Visiting students will be introduced to this special culinary experience, gain insights into the country’s culture, form deeper ties with the local people and of course get the chance to taste some of the finest dishes of the Greek gastronomy!

“It’s all Greek to me” will never have the same meaning again

When studying abroad, students venture out of their comfort zone, learn to become independent and handle new situations all by themselves. Learning a new language might be an extra challenge when having to adapt to a new culture and reality but at the same time it can be a hugely rewarding experience. The acquisition of a new language strengthens interpersonal bonds and helps bridge cultural gaps; it deepens our understanding of the people and the country we are visiting; it enhances our sense of belonging and increases our confidence and self-reliance. Modern Greek courses are available at ACG to those interested in developing awareness of the culture and contemporary life in Greece. The courses involve in- and out-of-class activities that engage students in interaction with people of the host country in authentic situations.

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Acropolis museum

Great value and affordable lifestyle

Greece is one of the most affordable countries in Europe for international visitors – tourists and study abroad students alike. Compared to other study abroad options like Spain, Germany, France, Italy or the UK, the cost of living in Greece is low. Whereas in other European destinations average monthly living costs range between €800 and €1,000 whereas, the cost of living in Athens for an international student reaches 450-700 EUR/month including accommodation, bills, public transport and more. More importantly, ACG’s comprehensive fee structure and quality academic offerings, make The American College of Greece a surprisingly affordable educational option and the best American study abroad destination out there! Specifically, the Comprehensive Study Abroad Fee covers tuition fees for up to 15 credit hours, housing fees, an outdoor recreation activity, three excursions within Greece for the Fall or Spring semesters and one excursion to a Greek island for summer sessions. All enrolled students enjoy full access to ACG campus facilities. The Office of Residential and International Student Services assists study abroad students with visa processing and course registration, undertakes airport pick-up, and provides support with travel planning within Greece and Europe.

Credit transfer made easy

Studying abroad at ACG is a rewarding experience on and off campus. From credit transfer to residence comfort and campus safety to the stunning variety of academic and extracurricular activities, ACG serves international students with a holistic study abroad proposition. ACG makes transferring credits easy thanks to its being accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education in the US. Moreover, its degrees are validated by the Open University, UK. In addition, ACG provides students with an official transcript after the conclusion of the semester.

Safety, proximity and comfort

Located at the foothills of Mount Hymettus, the ACG campus covers a 64-acre area commanding a spectacular view of the Athens basin. The campus is situated in Aghia Paraskevi, one of Athens’ safest and prettiest areas offering easy access to some of the trendiest nightlife in the city as well as some of the most spectacular nature walks in Greece. ACG has enforced a rigorous security policy to protect the well-being and property of students, faculty, staff and visitors. The ACG safety and security program is top notch; security guards patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that all members of its community live, work and learn in a safe environment. In addition, ACG operates a modern Residence Complex just a short walk from campus. The Residence Complex consists of fully furnished studios, single and double bedrooms in shared apartments. Originally built for the 2004 US Olympic team, the residences provide a comfortable and enriching environment. Students live in a safe, clean, residential setting in a quiet neighborhood with nearby grocery stores, cafés, restaurants and shopping centers.

Joining a vibrant student community

Joining ACG means joining a vibrant student community where students can engage in extracurricular activities and meet like-minded fellow students through clubs, societies and organizations. Student life gives them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and work together for a common cause; developing their skills, exploring new interests and shaping their spirit along with their body! ACG is boasts a sports tradition and offers a variety of intercollegiate athletics such as basketball, futsal, rugby, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and water polo; a variety of intramural sports are popular as well.
Moreover, students looking to foster a talent, interest or passion, however unusual, can find the right student club, society or organization for them at ACG! The people at the Office of Student Affairs are here to offer help and guidance with creating a club, requesting funding, planning and advertising an event, and much more!

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Quality education and offerings

The American College of Greece follows the American education model and offers a rich selection of academic programs through 3 Schools: the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and Economics and the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts. Its rich, English-speaking curriculum consists of 32 undergraduate programs, 6 cooperative programs with Clarkson University, 51 minors, as well as 8 graduate programs of study, so there is a wide variety of subjects to choose from business, fine arts, humanities, social sciences, communication, environmental studies and more.

ACG is home to 3,400 students coming from 78 countries, among them short- and long-term study abroad students — an academic crossroads where different cultures come together, forming a diverse international community from which world citizens emerge. In addition to the broad selection of academic programs, the College is equipped with state-of-the-art on-campus facilities and resources such as a simulated trading room, fully online library, computer labs, writing center, career services, and academic advising, to assist students with their learning as well with their personal and professional development.

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Getting acquainted with the new culture and college procedures

To facilitate their smooth and effortless adjustment to the new culture and academic environment, ACG welcomes international students with an array of services and orientation events from as early as their arrival. Such services include pickup from Athens International Airport (AIA) and a set of mandatory orientation sessions and events. These sessions aim at the students’ familiarization with IT services; Academics and Academic Policies; Health, Safety, and Security; International Student Services. Students will also attend “An American Abroad” Session offered by a representative from the US Embassy in Athens. In addition, they will be treated to a warm welcome reception, a tour of the state-of-the-art ACG campus and the nearby neighborhood, as well as a sightseeing trip to downtown Athens where they will get the chance to taste the local delicacies. Last but not least, an activities fair will take place to help them jumpstart their involvement on campus!

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