Acquire knowledge and expertise in the world of classical antiquity through a Minor in Classics!

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Complement your studies and enrich your CV with a Minor in Classics. The minor in Classics is designed to acquaint any student interested in the development of Western Civilization with aspects of the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome, including their literature (in translation), history and archaeology, and philosophy. It requires no knowledge of Greek or Latin.

What You Will Study

The minor in Classics allows students to survey aspects of classical values and traditions and provides a solid foundation for students interested in gaining a deep, informed perspective on civilizations that shape our present cultural, intellectual, professional, and civic lives.

The competencies students develop in critical thinking, creative and collaborative problem solving, and communication are resume-worthy complements to any major or professional field. Students who wish to pursue master’s or doctoral level studies in preparation for a career in teaching and/or research will find the Classics minor to be excellent background.

What You Will Study


Three courses from the following

Greek and Roman Epic Literature in Translation

Classical Roman Literature and Culture

Classical Greek Literature and Culture

Ancient Greek Drama in Translation

Ancient Greek and Roman Comedy in Translation

+ three


on the Ancient Greek or Roman world in the following areas


Myth in the Ancient Greek and Roman World


Introduction to Archaeology

The Bronze Age of Greece

Display, discourse and design in the Greek Sanctuary

Art History

Art of Ancient Greece

Style and Ideology in Roman Art and Architecture


Survey of Western Civilization I

History of Rome

History of Ancient Greece

Alexander III, The Great

Democracy and Imperialism


Introduction to Philosophy


Greek Philosophy

Plato and Aristotle

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