Information Technology

  • BSc (Hons) in Information Technology (Software Development)
    Validated by The Open University, UK
  • BSc (Hons) in Information Technology (Digital Media Technologies)
    Validated by The Open University, UK

Introduction to the Major in Information Technology

The BSc in Information Technology program has been designed to meet the growing demand for information technology skills and to provide a route for students to progress towards information technology careers. The program aims to expose students to a wide range of IT-related subjects while its three directions offer students the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the technological aspects underpinning software engineering, network communications and digital media.

What You Will Study

The IT major allows students to study in one of the following three directions:

  • Software Development: design, development, and implementation of computer systems and software
  • Network Technologies: network analysis, planning, and implementation
  • Digital Media Technologies: creation, design, and production of multimedia products and services

These directions prepare students for specialized employment in the Information Technology industry.

Career/Graduate Study Opportunities

Information Technology graduates may pursue on careers as software developers, software engineers, Web/Internet programmers, network administrators, network designers, network security consultants, digital media developers, multimedia designers, game designers, game programmers, IT managers and more. They may be employed by consulting firms, software houses, network development companies, newspapers and magazines (print and online), web developing companies and in any context – local or international – where there is a need for IT experts. Many graduates choose to pursue advanced studies at prestigious universities, mostly in the United States and Europe.