Entrepreneurship Management

BSc (Hons) in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship Management pathway)
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Introduction to the Major in Entrepreneurship Management

The Entrepreneurship Management major prepares students for postgraduate education and for careers in entrepreneurship, and in other related fields, in a challenging world of competition, rapid technological change, increased complexity and globalization. This program encourages critical thinking and provides students with the opportunity to develop a wide range of business, practical and transferable skills that will allow them to perform effectively in all entrepreneurial endeavors and in a variety of corporate settings.

What You Will Study

The Entrepreneurship Management major will appeal to students interested in starting, operating and growing their own businesses or others interested in working for corporations led by growth and innovation. Some of the topics studied in this major include: new venture creation, innovation and corporate entrepreneurship, leadership, family business management, enterprise growth, digital marketing for entrepreneurs, public relations, and entrepreneurial finance.

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Career/Graduate Study Opportunities

The theoretical, practical and experiential foundations provided by studying Entrepreneurship Management help graduates function comfortably and effectively in an entrepreneurial environment and in other contemporary business settings. Through the studies in this major, the student will develop the leadership, business and innovation skills required for entrepreneurial success. They will also be well prepared for: management positions within established corporations seeking to further enhance and sustain a competitive edge; a career in management consultancy; starting a brand new business. Likewise, students are well prepared to pursue graduate studies in entrepreneurship, innovation and other related business fields.

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