Student Stories

Current and Former Scholarship Recipients – Pierce

Current Pierce Lyceum student and recipient of the Koralia Krokodilou Endowed Scholarship Fund for Pierce College

“…I thank my school and this Scholarship fund for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to realize my future goals…”

Anna Benaki, Pierce 1952, Athens, Greece
Member of the Academy of Athens, Professor, Minister and Former President of the Greek Parliament

“…My parents couldn’t afford the expenses of a highly qualified school such as Pierce. Thanks to the scholarship fund, I was able to successfully complete my studies. I owe very much, almost everything about my education, to Pierce…”

Mari Janikian, Pierce 1995 & Deree 2000, Athens, Greece
Child Psychologist & Professor, Recipient of the Flora Haniotou Endowment Scholarship Fund

“…Receiving the Flora Haniotou Scholarship at a decisive time in my life has forever changed, enriched, and supported me. The scholarship was crucial in allowing me to pursue my educational and professional goals and come closer to fulfilling my potential. I feel honored and sincerely grateful to our college for this tremendous gift…”


Current and Former Scholarship Recipients – Deree

Antony Stougias, Peter Thun Scholarship Recipient

“…This award is very important to me because without it I would have had to quit my studies due to financial problems. Now, I can complete my studies at ACG and fulfill my dreams of education. Moreover, my anxiety about the financial problems my family faces after my mother’s death has been minimized…”

Mando Chastouki, Frances L. Rich Scholarship Recipient

“…It is a great privilege, since without the scholarship I wouldn’t be able to proceed with my academic studies in music, which is the most essential building block for my future…”

Kalomoira Papadaki, Sarbane-Marudas Scholarship Recipient

“…Without your support, I would not have been able to attend Deree, which was my first choice. I am more than thankful to you for your support, as are my parents who could not be more proud…”

Maria Angelopoulou, William Deree Scholarship Recipient

“…I come from a family that unfortunately would not be able to afford the tuition fees so with this scholarship my whole life changed. I do not think that I would be able to study anywhere better. Studying what I love, music, in one of the greatest colleges of Greece, surrounded by important professors and great people, is a dream that came true because of you – your help – your gift…”

Sotiris Poulimenos, Deree 2013, Propeller Club Award

“…In difficult times having true friends to stand by you is of utmost importance. Through the Scholarship program the American College of Greece and its generous donors helped me pursue a better future that would have otherwise remained an unfulfilled dream…”

Philip Doros Keranis, Deree 2012, N. Demos Foundation Scholarship for Communication Studies

“…This particular gift was not merely financial support. It stands as an act of unconditional help given to me at a time of crisis. It stands as the additional incentive needed in my continuous effort to expand my knowledge, values and ideals through which I can evolve and flourish in post graduate life and the competitive environment of tomorrow…”