Dance and Movement Studies

Dance and Movement Studies

Further your dance technique skills and knowledge with a Dance and Movement Studies Minor!

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Combines dance technique and creative skills, theoretical knowledge and a performance-learning experience.

What You Will Study

The Dance and Movement Studies Minor program provides fundamental dance technique skills in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance, which are the two required courses. It also opens a variety of in-discipline areas to the student for furthering dance technique skills, gaining theoretical knowledge and exploring creative methods and performance learning pathways, through courses such as Improvisation and Choreography. Either for complementing your studies or simply wanting to explore your interest and build your skills in dance and movement, the minor will allow you to pursue your preferences by selecting from a variety of courses.

The nature of movement and dance education makes it a gateway to a range of interdisciplinary opportunities. It can especially enhance and enrich other major areas of study such as Music, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Communication and Psychology.

what you will study


Contemporary Dance I – Level 4
Classical Ballet – Level 5

any three of the following*


The Choreographies of the American Musical

Body Awareness and Movement – Level 4

Contemporary Dance II – Level 4

Contemporary Choreography I – Level 4

Movement for the Stage – Level 4

From Improvisation to Emergent Form – Level 5

Contemporary Dance III – Level 5

Contemporary Dance IV – Level 5

Dance History- Level 5

Choreography as a Collaborative Practice – Level 5

Jazz Dance – Level 5

Dance and Music In Collaboration – Level 6

*Provided any prerequisites are met

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