Deree Ambassadors

The Deree Ambassadors is a group of selected, high academic standing undergraduates who are proud advocates for the College from a position of leadership and service. They foster the mission and the vision of Deree, introduce guests to the ACG campus and community, and represent the College at official events promoting its spirit, pride and traditions.

Meet the Deree Ambassadors

Hi! My name is Efterpi Papageorgiou, I study Psychology at Deree and recently graduated from the University of Athens with a degree in Theater Arts. I am a Deree Ambassador and I've been in the group for two years now. My experience with the ambassadors has been an exciting and educational journey, as I have been given the chance to exercise many skills, primarily public speaking and time management. I always look forward to an event with the ambassadors because I know that I am fortunate enough not only to give back to my community but also to attend very interesting and educational events!
Hello, I’m Nickie and this is my junior year at Deree. I am currently majoring in International Relations and European Affairs while pursuing various opportunities to get involved in student life on campus as the President of the IREA Society and Career Readiness Team member as well as off-campus in affiliation with the European Youth Parliament and Greenpeace GR. Being an ambassador in my third year and reflecting back to my entry time, Deree Ambassadors has definitely been one opportunity I am proud I pursued! It played a great role in expanding my knowledge on campus offices and locations through touring, as well as in bettering my time management and customer service skills during events.
My name is Marina Doudoulaki, I am 22 years old and I am studying Communication. This is my second year in the Deree Ambassadors: joining this group has been one of the best choices I have made since enrolling at Deree! In addition to teaching me what teamwork is and means in context, being an Ambassador has taught me to grab every opportunity presented my way. Deree is my second home and I am always proud to represent it wherever I go.
Hello! My name is Mario Melissinos, I am 24-year-old, This is my third year at Deree studying Accounting with Finance. The thing that initially drew me to becoming a Deree Ambassador was the opportunity to become more involved in college life by helping with various event and practice my public speaking and teamwork skills. I have been an ambassador for 2 years now and I have greatly enjoyed every second of it due to all the amazing people I get to work with and all the wonderful thing I have the opportunity to do. I cannot be prouder to be part of this group!
Hello! My name is Emmanouela Kontou, I study Graphic Design at Deree and this academic year I am graduating. I have been in the Deree Ambassador for the last 2 years and I cannot list all the things that people in this organization have taught me! My experience as an Ambassador has been mostly exciting and blissful with all the chances that were given to me, from participating in events in the college, to meeting new people who come to study at Deree. The fact that I am here to welcome freshmen, guide them around campus and answer all their questions have been the most enjoyable acts I could have done. Every semester I am always looking forward to Ambassador events, they always make me feel - as they say - butterflies of excitement in my stomach, a feeling that never fails to make me smile.
Hey there! I'm Hebatallah Elnoury, I am studying Entrepreneurship Management, currently in my fourth year at Deree. I have a broad involvement in student life and this is my third year in the Deree Ambassadors. Joining this group was one of the good opportunities I took advantage of while studying here. It allows me to expand my communication and public speaking skills. Being part of this group has taught me how to better manage my time and to be effective around planning my day when I need to assist at events. I always look forward to participating in events where I can be a Deree Ambassador. I like to represent Deree as positive as I can be since I am so proud to be part of it!
My name is Barbara Margarita Radmann and I am a senior at Deree studying International Business with a minor in Sociology. In the future I hope to work under the Corporate Social Responsibility umbrella. I am an active member of Deree Student Life and I am currently working at the Deree Student Affairs Office as well as being an active member in various organizations and clubs. Being a Deree Ambassador opened the doors for me to understanding and participating in Deree Student Life. This is because offices and various programs at Deree acknowledge my professionalism and communication skills. Moreover, being the Events Coordinator of this group helped me understand what it means to work with a team and make sure everyone feels included. Through this leadership position I also got to bond with the best people, my fellow ambassadors! Join now, you will not regret being part of this tightly knit team!
Hi! My name is Trinidad Gayan. I major in Theatre Arts at Deree and minor in Graphic Design and International Business. I have been a Deree ambassador for 4 years! Being an ambassador has helped me grow tremendously, when I first arrived at Deree I was very quiet and shy, and just the thought of talking to a large group of people freaked me out! Through the Deree ambassadors, I was able to get over that fear, learn about professionalism, and be part of a family.
Hello! My name is Dajana Memushi, I am currently pursuing a minor certificate in Management Information Systems at Deree - ACG with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation scholarship. Considering the impact of Deree on my educational journey, I want to share my enthusiasm and put my knowledge to work beyond my academic life and in extra-curricular activities too. I joined the Deree Ambassadors in the Fall of 2019 and reflecting on my experience, I can say that I really enjoy cultivating outside-the-box solutions, getting in touch with university representatives, parents, prospective or freshmen students, listen to their stories, respond to their concerns, be a part of their first experience in the Deree community. I really appreciate the opportunity to make a tiny difference in their new beginnings! I am glad to have discovered that empathy, intellectual curiosity, and flexibility are necessary keys to succeed in a college group; now I get to master them on my daily routine and in my college life.

Benefits of the Deree Ambassadors program

  • Develop public speaking and professional communication skills
  • Build networks of friends and professional contacts
  • Serve as a role model for other students
  • Meet and work with senior Deree administrative staff members and alumni
  • Be publicly recognized for their contribution and earn visibility
  • Take part in the organization of events as Ambassadors (i.e. TEDx @ Deree, Deree reunions etc..)
  • Become eligible for awards and honors given for outstanding service

Responsibilities of the Deree Ambassadors include activities such as

  • Officially welcoming College visitors
  • Meeting with students and their families
  • Conducting campus tours
  • Assisting in receptions and events organized by the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Admissions, the Office of Advancement and the Office of the President.
  • Acting as official student representatives at recruiting events

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be actively enrolled at Deree
  • Have a minimum of 24 credits completed at Deree
  • Have a CI of 3.00 and above

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Advisor: Angela Boscolo Berto, PhD, Coordinator, Study Abroad Program; Marina Demi, Senior Manager, Office of Student Affairs
Meetings: The Deree Ambassadors team meets once a semester for a general assembly (GA) and twice a semester for bonding / group activities. A series of trainings take place throughout the AY.