Master (MA) in Strategic Communication & Public Relations

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Spring Term/Classes start: April 28th

In a world of growing media and new technologies, the role of communication specialists is rapidly expanding. The MA in Strategic Communication and Public Relations is a professional degree program designed to help prepare the next generation of professionals to successfully meet the increasing local and global demands for communication expertise. The program reflects the latest developments in the field, while maintaining the curricular and educational standards of top American and European graduate programs. By integrating theory with practice and focusing on a real-world approach, students are trained for a variety of positions in private, public, and non-profit settings.

  • Duration: One year (full-time) or up to three years (part-time).
  • Number of Courses: 11 courses (33 US credits).
  • Attendance: Classes run Monday to Thursday, from 18:30-21:30. Fridays are reserved for make-up classes and other academic activities, such as master classes, workshops, lectures, talks, etc.
  • Admission points: New students are admitted at the start of the fall, winter and spring terms.

  • NECHE Accreditation
  • CIPR accredited teaching Centre
  • Annual PR Practicum with leading PR firm visit
  • Strong applied focus
  • Option to pursue CIPR Specialist Diploma in Crisis Communication and specialize further.

Required Courses 

  • Media and Communication Theory
  • Advanced Media Writing and Techniques
  • Applied Communication Research Methods
  • Quantitative Research in Communication
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Crisis Communication Management
  • Public Relations and the New Media 

Elective Courses (choose 3 from the list)

  • Political Communication
  • Communication for the Tourism Industry
  • Strategic Corporate Communication
  • Communication for the Entertainment Industry
  • Public Relations in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Intercultural Communication and International PR
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Multimedia Applications for Communication Campaigns

Students may choose one elective from any of the other graduate communication programs upon approval of the graduate program coordinator.

*Electives are offered on a rotating basis during the academic year.

Capstone Project or Thesis 

Capstone Project in Strategic Communication & Public Relations
Thesis in Strategic Communication 

Upon successful completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Apply key communication theories and concepts to public relations practice in multiple industries and contexts.
  • Demonstrate strategic level analysis and critical thinking in designing communication programs to meet organizational goals and objectives.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate strategic communication plans for a wide range of organizations and industries while selecting and applying effective problem solving processes and innovative thinking in both local and global contexts. 
  • Conduct research and evaluate information by methods appropriate to the communications profession. 
  • Apply appropriate digital technologies in communication program design and implementation to reach and engage relevant audiences. 
  • Produce creative and innovative public relations content suitable for a variety of audiences and in a variety of media forms.
  • Communicate effectively and deliver professional presentations in oral, written, digital or combined formats.

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Tuition is payable on a course by course basis. The cost for the full program is 9,900€.

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Merit Scholarships

The School of Graduate & Professional Education offers scholarships covering a portion of the cost of tuition to all applicants who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance in their undergraduate studies.

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Financial Assistance

Since its founding in 1875, The American College of Greece (ACG) has provided assistance to students needing help in meeting their educational expenses, thereby enabling students with demonstrated ability and promise to access a quality education, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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All ACG alumni are entitled to a 10% tuition fee discount on top of any other scholarship of financial assistance program which may apply.

Corporate discount programs are also available to two or more employees from one organization who wish to study in our graduate programs.

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The program is appropriate for graduates and practitioners from all disciplines and backgrounds.

The MA in Strategic Communication and Public Relations is designed for recent graduates from all disciplines, as well as for working professionals from a broad cross-section: educators, lawyers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and community/NGO managers. The program also welcomes experienced professionals who wish to enhance their educational qualifications and their career opportunities. Τhe aim is to recruit a qualified and diverse group of students, ensuring a quality and collaborative learning experience for everyone involved in the program. 

Current Student profile

Average Age: 29 years
Female: 80%
Male: 20%
First degree obtained from: Greek AEI (61%); ACG-Deree (12%); International University (20%); Other local (7%)

Our graduates are typically employed in a wide range of professional fields and industries including public relations, advertising, consulting, broadcasting, lobbying, event planning, fund raising, campaign management, and corporate affairs, as well as communication careers in the fields of tourism, entertainment, and politics. Graduates of the program are also well prepared to pursue a higher academic degree in communication.

Deree graduate students receive support from the Office of Career Services, which help them connect with the 50,000 ACG alumni around the globe, expand their professional network, and gain access to various job positions. Our graduate students and alumni may also benefit from the Alba Graduate Business School Services, including career coaching, participation in career events and workshops, participation in the Alba annual career forum, one-to-one career advice sessions, and a direct mail list for job posts and career advice.

  • Katerina Diamantaki
    Full-time Faculty - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Christina Giakoumaki
    Full-time Faculty - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Argyro Kefala
    Full-time Faculty - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Simon Leader
    Full-time Faculty - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Daniel Mc Cormac
    Full-time Faculty - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Georgios Papageorgiou
    Full-time Faculty - School of Business and Economics
    Tourism, Hospitality and Sports
  • Grigorios N. Karimalis
    Associate Faculty - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Nikos Falagas
    Adjunct Faculty - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Applicants should possess:

  • A college or university degree from an accredited institution.
  • Evidence of proficiency in the English language: TOEFL, IELTS, Proficiency, or GCE.
  • Motivation and/or relevant experience to specialize in this area: Evidence of strong motivation to work in communication related areas will be sought in the interview and the personal statement submitted with the application form.

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