Crime, Law and Justice

Crime, Law and Justice

Learn all about crime, law and justice around the world!

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Complement your studies with the Crime, Law and Justice Minor and broaden your horizons by studying about crime, law and justice around the world.

The Crime, Law and Justice Minor is addressed to students who have a special interest in the areas of criminal law and the criminal justice system and in the broader interaction between crime, law and society. The Minor is especially suitable for students interested in pursuing post-graduate studies in the areas of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, law, psychology, or forensics.

What You Will Study

The Minor aims at providing students an understanding of how the legal system responds to crimes and criminals through laws and criminal justice institutions. Students are given the opportunity to become familiar with basic legal principles and justice mechanisms and follow the process of making of laws, breaking of laws and society’s responses in various contexts. The successful completion of the minor will allow students to critically consider what causes crime, how law is enforced and how justice is delivered on national and international level.

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