Classroom Labs

Classroom Labs

There are a number of classroom labs equipped with the latest PC technology in the DEREE Communication Building which are used for teaching and IT skills training. Please do not enter a computer room while a class is in progress unless you are a member of that class. Semester/session timetables of room bookings are posted outside each computer room.

Room Booking: Regular computer room bookings for courses are made through the IRM Office in advance of every semester/session. Occasional bookings can be done via IRM academic and administrative staff. All computer classrooms have projection equipment installed, consisting of either a data projector, an overhead projector and display panel.


Communications Building

Room # Stations Printer Video Projector
Room 1101 20 PCs B/W Available
Room 1102 20 PCs B/W Available
Room 1103 20 PCs B/W Available
Room 1104 20 PCs B/W Available
Room 1112 20 PCs B/W Available
Room 1113 10 MACs Color Available