International Honors Program (IHP)

Launched in 2012, the International Honors Program has evolved as a highly attractive and highly rewarding academic enrichment opportunity. Its aim is to provide motivated, high-calibre students undertaking a Bachelor’s degree at Deree – The American College of Greece with the opportunity to make the most of their studies by engaging in multidisciplinary research and critical and creative thinking in specially-designed courses only open to Honors students.

The benefits of participating in the International Honors Program extend beyond the classroom experience: they include:

  • being member of an international and diverse community of high-achieving students
  • opportunities for advanced scholarly research with the support of dedicated instructors
  • a rich and exciting curriculum focusing on originality, creative risk-taking and cross-cultural understanding that enhances academic and professional skills and prospects
  • a very substantial scholarship scheme.

The International Honors Program’s structure, content and pedagogy are oriented towards fostering intellectual, academic, civic, professional and personal enrichment through dynamic, integrative and challenging teaching and research.

The International Honors Program seeks to attract and produce students who are:

  • Interested, curious, engaged, critical and creative thinkers: students who can draw on, and develop, their ability to seek and integrate knowledge, and employ multiple thinking methods and tools towards enriching their intellectual and academic capacity.
  • Effective communicators: students who can employ their powers of perception and observation to formulate informed and considered views and are able to articulate these clearly through a variety of channels, as well as in various academic, professional and personal settings.
  • Ethically-minded and socially-conscious: students who can appreciate the bigger picture of how their study of various issues in multiple disciplines is connected to broader, global concerns and values in relation to human development, cross-cultural dialogue, civic engagement and environmental awareness.