International Honors Program (IHP)

The Deree – International Honors Program offers motivated and academically-committed Honors students educational enrichment through interdisciplinary learning experiences and opportunities for independent scholarship. It seeks to develop students’ intellectual and civic leadership skills through dynamic teaching and student involvement that extend beyond the classroom.

The International Honors Program offers:

  • challenging and innovative General Education courses taught through the use of the most current pedagogical tools
  • faculty-student research opportunities through the Honors Thesis
  • exposure to international perspectives through study abroad
  • co-curricular activities that cultivate creativity and civic engagement, such as sustainability workshops, lecture series, film series, etc.
  • participation in a tightly-knit community of high-achieving students
  • financial aid (International Honors scholarship), internship opportunities, and benefits such as early course registration
  • special cultural and academic enrichment events that promote leadership potential, such as participation in the Heritage Greece Program
  • increased career and/or graduate opportunities

The Deree International Honors Program seeks to produce well-educated, articulate citizens who exemplify the highest standards of academic, professional and personal achievement. It offers an enriched curriculum that integrates knowledge, sharpens academic skills and encourages active involvement in the learning process.

The International Honors Program encompasses an Honors student’s undergraduate career and evolves in two stages:

  • in the first stage, students benefit from taking four Honors Seminars which fulfill an equivalent number of General Education requirements;
  • in the second stage, students apply the creative and intellectual skills they have acquired in the Honors Seminars to produce an Honors Thesis, the capstone requirement of the Honors Program. The Honors Thesis is also a bridge to a student’s professional or academic goals beyond college.