The ACG Neighborhood

The ACG Neighborhood

Welcome to Aghia Paraskevi!

Aghia Paraskevi is a bustling suburb on the Northeast corner of the Athens basin, where the city begins to slope upward Mount Hymettus (1,024 meters or 3.000 feet high). If Athens is one of Europe’s safest cities, Aghia Paraskevi is one of Athens’ safest (and prettiest) areas. ACG’s beautiful 64-acre campus is the last vestige of the city before urban development gives way to the Mt. Hymettus national forest. As a result of its special location, ACG offers members of its community easy access to some of the trendiest nightlife in the city as well as some of the most spectacular nature walks in Greece.

Dining and Fun in Aghia Paraskevi

Within walking distance of the campus is a multitude of restaurants (from traditional Greek tavernas and souvlaki eateries, to burger joints, to gourmet establishments and a variety of ethnic and regional food purveyors). To Petrino tou Kritikou, a traditional Greek taverna; Da Vinci, a cafe/restaurant, and Alba Art Cafe are some of the more popular choices.

In the area around Aghiou Ioannou Square, there are numerous all-day cafes and nightclubs that operate until the early morning hours. Because of Greece’s mild weather, most of the wining and dining takes place outdoors from mid-April until late October. An interesting point is that a “cafe” in Athens is just what its name suggests: a place serving coffee, tea and refreshments along with light snacks. Do note;  waiters in Greece will not rush to give you the check so as to empty your table for another customer. At a Greek cafe, you can sit and enjoy your coffee for as long as you like!

Dining on Campus

There are three eating establishments on the ACG campus: Dipnosofistirio, Starbucks and Venetis.


Aghia Paraskevi also has a bustling commercial district, with grocers, retail stores, florists, bakeries, salons, dry-cleaners, spas and cinemas, all within a quick walk or bus ride from campus. There is something for everyone’s budget and taste with international retailers including Zara, Benetton, and Lacoste to local boutiques and shops.

Nature Walks

It is just as easy to join the city’s hustle and bustle as it is to walk or bike among the pines of the Mt. Hymettus forest while taking inthe entire city from above. Just head up the back of the campus to the mountain with its welldeveloped system of trails and tracks. In fact, an intrepid walker can walk the entire 28-kilometer (17.5-mile) length of the mountain, past quaint monasteries, rest stops, and scenic points until it slopes down to the Aegean shore, or chose to cross over the ridge to the other  side to view the fertile Attica plain and the islands beyond.