Crucial Steps towards a Successful Digital Transformation

An open lecture by
Anastasios Spanidis

When: Friday, December 1, 2017 18:00-20:00

Where: Center for the Arts Auditorium

Organized by: The Graduate Master Class Series, School of Graduate and Professional Education

To reserve your place please contact Ms. Maria Kritikou via email: [email protected] or telephone: 210 6009800 ext. 1210

Lecture Description

Different companies have different visions for their growth. Growth may come from increasing sales, lowering operational costs, or simply understanding their customers’ needs – not only through the demographic segmentation, but also from noting down their online and offline behavior.

So which are the steps towards a successful digital transformation? What sort of mentality is required for experiencing business growth and progress? Anastasios Spanidis, CO-founder & CEO of Generation Y – International eBusiness Experts, will use a number of case studies from various companies to demonstrate how digital transformation has helped them towards achieving their goals. A business guide from his 17-year old, hands-on experience of expanding through his clients’ growth, while driving his own business from a SME into a multinational company.

Anastasios Spanidis

Anastasios is the Co-founder & CEO of a market leading, innovative internet consulting, web design and development International Interactive Agency which helps its clientele to drive cost-effective sales and spread its brand awareness to the public. His experience and exposure in multiple industries and cultures have rewarded him with a multi scope perspective towards any business endeavor, idea or goal.

He founded Generation Y – International eBusiness Experts in 2000, which has grown to be an international agency with offices in 5 countries and clients in 17 countries, serving mostly medium and large-scale enterprises. During the past 17 years he created market leaders, in any sector its customers operate (retail, F&B, services, etc.) by developing a full-scale plan for Digital Transformation. He is a public speaker and influencer with more than 500 speeches. He also actively participates either as an investor and shareholder or as a member of boards of directors, in multiple organizations and companies, both in Greece and abroad. Last but not least, the digital community has featured him as a jury in many institutions.