Outbound Study Abroad


Outbound Study Abroad Program

All students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, session or academic year as part of their undergraduate studies through the Outbound Study Abroad Program (OSAP) at Deree – The American College of Greece. We welcome students of all majors and minors to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Through the Deree – ACG Study Abroad Program, US and international students are studying abroad in Athens, and local students are hosted by partner universities across the world. Partnering with international universities allows Deree – The American College of Greece students to enrich their undergraduate education by spending one or more semesters or summer sessions in another country. The extensive and growing network of exchange partner institutions makes studying abroad particularly affordable. When studying on exchange status, students pay Deree – ACG tuition, which is significantly lower compared to US tuition fees, at their home institution, where financial aid or scholarships granted apply. Students are responsible for room and board, travel, and personal expenses. Credits obtained abroad may be transferred to the home institution transcript and count towards students’ degrees, provided the transferability of courses has been evaluated and verified.

All students who wish to participate in the OSAP are invited to visit the Office of Student Affairs, located in the Deree Main Corridor, in order to apply and learn more about how they will ensure conformance with academic policies and course transfer back to their Deree – The American College of Greece student transcript.

OSAP advisors support students with all steps of the process– from completing applications, obtaining housing abroad and approvals for course transfer, to applying for work-study positions at the host institution, connecting with program alumni for first hand student life information, and preparing for departure.

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