Eva-Manolia Syngelaki


BSc, University of Surrey; MSc, Reading University; PhD, Cardiff University

Dr. Eva-Manolia Syngelaki obtained her Ph.D. in developmental psychopathology from Cardiff University, investigating offending behavior in antisocial youths. She has received certified psychotherapy training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the 1st Department of Psychiatry, University of Athens at Aiginiteio Hospital and has clinical experience with a wide range of clinical disorders with both adults and children. She has been extensively involved in the implementation of prevention programmes in school settings, where some of her primary duties were research, training and supervision of teachers. She has also considerable experience in conducting seminars and workshops for both mental health professionals and teachers. Her current research interests lie in the area of child and adolescent development and psychopathology, and on prevention and intervention programs in school settings. She has been a member of the Deree Psychology faculty since 2013.