Evangelia Andreadou-Samara


BA, Social Sciences – Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University; MS, Sociological and Anthropological Sciences, University of Salford

As an instructor at Deree, since 1984, Lia Samara taught, apart from Introduction to Sociology and Sociology of Modern Life, modules on Health and Society, on Family and Gender Roles, on Social Problems and on Sexual Issues and Controversies. She has been serving as a full – time faculty member in the department of Sociology at Deree since 2001, her main research interests include studies on Family, Gender Roles, and Health related Social Issues. Her research on the relationship between Mental Illness and Socioeconomic status was presented at the Faculty Research Seminar Series. During the last years, her interest has been research on Social and Cultural aspects of Food and Eating.

She was, also, a lecturer of Public Relations, Human Relations in Labor, Sociology and Business Psychology at TEI of Athens and Piraeus and a PhD Candidate at the Medical School of University of Ioannina.

She was the advisor of the Health and Social Awareness Club at Deree, from 2013-2020, which was nominated for the Award for Outstanding Leadership and Contribution to Student Life in 2015. As the advisor of the club, she guided students in organizing various activities/events of social nature in an effort to advance their social responsibility