Ioanna Patsioti-Tsacpounidis

History, Philosophy and the Ancient World

Ptychion, University of Athens; MPhil, University of London; PhD, University of Athens

Ioanna Patsioti-Tsacpounidis has been a member of the Deree Philosophy faculty since 1996. She has served as Philosophy Area Coordinator, Head of Department of Humanities and Arts, and Director of the Honors Program. She currently teaches Plato and Aristotle, Social and Political Philosophy, Existentialism, Ethics, and Business Ethics. She has also taught Moral Leadership and Ethics in Finance in the ACG Graduate School. Prior to that, she taught Philosophy and Classics at the University College London and the Open University, UK. She is a graduate of the University of Athens and the University College London, where she earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics and an MPhil in Classics. She was awarded a PhD by the Philosophy School of the University of Athens with a dissertation on Aristotle’s moral epistemology.

Her research background includes the areas of Greek philosophy, Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Epistemology, and American Pragmatism. She has published many articles and book chapters on the Aristotelian philosophy as well as on business ethics, such as the book The domain of Business Ethics and Aristotle (2009). Her current research examines the relevance of Greek moral philosophy in corporate governance and leadership. She also serves as Reviewer for the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy (2013).