Louise Hepper

English and Modern Languages

BA (Hons) in Humanities, MA in Second Language Materials Development, University of Luton (Bedfordshire)

Louise Hepper has been a member of the Deree English faculty since 1998. She currently teaches Professional Communication, Presentation Skills and Academic Writing. She is also a Certified Examiner for eight English Exams. She is a Member and of the Materials Development Association (MATSDA) created by Brian Tomlinson, world leading expert on Materials Development for Language Learning which publishes the journal Folio and she has presented at MATSDA conferences. Her MA in Second Language Materials Development run by Brian Tomlinson focused on Learning and Teaching Theory, on Teaching Approaches and Methodology, Syllabi and Curriculum Design and Publishing Issues. Alan Maley, author of Short and Sweet; Grether Hooper Hansen, from the Society for Effective Affective Learning (SEAL); Mario Rinvolucri, Trainer, facilitator, writer, agent provocateur; Alan Pulverness, Assistant Academic Director at Norwich Institute for Language Education are individuals in the teaching and research community, to name but a few, with whom she has worked. She is currently an active member of the Professional Communication Team and works with rubric design, creation of examination material, teaching materials and participates in teacher mentoring.