Nikolaos Krinos

Information Technology (IT)

BS, Deree – The American College of Greece; MSc, Lancaster University

Nick Krinos has been a member of the Deree Computer Information Systems and Information Technology faculty since 1998 and has taught across the curriculum. He currently teaches introductory, programming and computer network courses. Professor Krinos earned his Master degree in Distributed Interactive Systems with specialization in Distributed Multimedia Systems from Lancaster University and was selected to do his dissertation as a research project using Mobile Agents and Java for the university’s developed LIMBO Platform.

Since 1998, Mr. Krinos has also taught many students in the form of private lessons or classes (OTEAcademy) preparing them either for ECDL/MOS Certifications or enrich their computer knowledge in many different fields/levels. He himself owns several certifications (IC3, MOS Expert, Cisco’s CCNA) and he is currently working on Oracle’s OCA/OCP Certifications. In addition to this, Professor Krinos has attended many online computer courses given by universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford and more.

Mr. Krinos has also worked as an analyst programmer and server administrator for the Internet department of “EPT” and has built databases and setup networks for small businesses and individuals.