Haris Vlavianos

History, Philosophy and the Ancient World

BSc, Economics and Philosophy, University of Bristol; MPhil, DPhil in Politics and History, University of Oxford (Trinity College, Oxford)

Haris Vlavianos is Professor of History, History of Ideas and Political Theory at the American College of Greece. He is also a well-known contemporary Greek poet, critic, translator and editor.

His doctoral thesis entitled, Greece 1941-1949: From Resistance to Civil War was published by Macmillan (1992) and won the “Fafalios Prize”.

He has published numerous articles on contemporary Greek history and politics and ten collections of poetry, the most recent being Vacation in Reality (2009) [won the “Diavazo” Poetry Prize] and Sonnets of Despair (2011) [short-listed for the National Poetry Prize]. He has also published a collection of thoughts and aphorisms on poetry and language and poetics.

He is the editor of the literary Greek journal Ποιητική (Poetics), considered to be the most prestigious literary journal in Greece. His poetry has been translated into German, Dutch, Italina, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Albanian and Croatian, and has appeared in numerous European and American journals and anthologies.

For his contribution in promoting Italian literature in Greece, through his translations and essays, the President of the Italian Republic bestowed upon him the title of “Cavaliere of the Arts and Letters”.