Anna Degleri


BA, History, Deree – The American College of Greece; MA, History, the University of East Anglia; MPhil, History, University of East Anglia

Ms. Degleri has been a member of the Department of History since 1994. She has taught courses in the areas of European History with particular reference to modern Greek history, British history as well as in the Hellenistic Age and in Roman history. Her current teaching involves such courses as Survey of Western Civilization II and Modern Greece: A Troubled Nation.

Her research interests include 19th c. European and Greek History. She has presented the following works at the Faculty Research Seminar “The International Financial Commission: The Solution to the Problem of the Greek Foreign Debt from 1824 until 1962“and “The British Loan of 1824; Has Anything Changed?” She is currently doing research on Madame Lieven and her role in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

She serves as member to the Student Study Awards Committee.