Dimitris Vogiatzis

Information Technology (IT)

BSc, Informatics, National Technical University of Athens; MSc, Knowledge Based Systems, University of Edinburgh; PhD, Neural Networks, National Technical University of Athens

Dr. Dimitrios Vogiatzis has been a member of the Deree Information Technology faculty since 2010. He teaches courses in the areas of intelligent systems and is the coordinator of the MS in Data Science. He has served as visiting professor at the University of Cyprus and has collaborated with the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” in Athens Greece. He has also participated in national and European research projects and has more than 40 publications in conferences, journals and book chapters. In addition, he has supervised more than 30 Theses at an undergraduate and graduate level.

His research interests are in machine learning, data mining, and in the analysis of complex graphs with applications in social network analysis, user modeling and precision medicine. His current research focuses on pattern mining in complex biological networks to extract information related to lung-cancer. He is especially interested in bringing research into the classroom and getting students acquainted with the current challenges of real-world applications of Machine Learning.

He serves as a member of the library committee, and the Graduate examinations committee.