Nikolaos Takis


Director of the ACG Counseling Center

BA, MS, PhD, National University of Athens

Dr Nikolaos Takis earned his PhD in clinical psychology from the National University of Athens, with a specialty in the psychosocial adjustment of immigrant adolescents and their families. He also received an MS in clinical psychology and a BA in psychology from the same university. After working for several years in the field of prevention of mental health of the community in the municipalities of Filothei and Imittos, he joined the Detoxification Unit (18 ANO) of the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica. Since 2006 he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in his specialty in the University of Athens. Dr Takis is in private practice and also a certified trainer in Psychodrama. Current research interests include issues of adaptation of immigrant adolescents, juvenile delinquency and addictions. He is a member of the Greek Psychological Society and was a member of the executive board the Professional Association of Greek Psychologists.