Demetris Vassilakos

Science and Mathematics

BS in Marine Biology and Zoology, University of Bangor; MS in Molecular Genetics, University of Leicester; PhD in Molecular Immunology, University of Durham; PGCert in Clinical Immunology, University of Manchester.

Dr. Vassilakos joined the Deree Science faculty in 2014, teaching the course Introduction to Biology I. In parallel, he holds a research scientist position in Transgenics at the BSRC “Alexander Fleming” Institute. He has held various research positions in molecular and clinical immunology and he has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in molecular biology, molecular immunology, molecular genetics and evolution. His current research, funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, focuses on the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer using monoclonal antibodies. His general research interests lie in molecular immunology, molecular genetics and conservation.