Sustainability at ACG

In our times, it is clear that our societies and economic activities need to be reorganized to operate in harmony with nature now and in the future. Educational institutions have a special role to play. In this context, The American College of Greece (ACG) has committed to become a “green” campus and to model a sustainable community; to make its activities – education and operations – ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable, working to minimize its impact on the environment so that healthy natural ecosystems are maintained for future generations as well.

ACG has embraced the vision of a sustainable learning community, which is based on collaboration, integration and interconnectedness within the College (i.e. connections between operations and educational practice; interdisciplinary practices; integration of sustainability principles in academic programs) and between the College and the local community.

In 2014, the College approved a Sustainability Policy Statement, detailing its commitment to becoming a sustainable college and learning community. This policy statement was drafted through a collaborative process in the Green Campus Committee.